New Arrivals In My Cart This Week (Under $100!)

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I mentioned it on my Instagram Stories, but I really wanted to make the effort each week to create these posts for all of you who love being trendy, but don’t have time in your day to sit and look at new arrivals every week. You see, back in the day (a year or two ago) bloggers would shoot photos in an item, and then you could all shop that item. But, now it seems like by the time I take pictures in something I buy, it’s already mostly sold out, because bloggers seem to all gravitate toward the same pieces, and fashion is so fast! That’s why I think these posts are great – I love looping you in to what I am buying BEFORE I shoot it, and before it even arrives! A few weeks ago I shared an H&M sweater on here, and by the time I styled it and a lot of you asked about it, it was sold out. So mark your Mondays with a dose of me in em’, because I’ll be here every week at 7AM sharing these posts for you all! I linked all of these items below!