Valentines Day Looks In My Cart (Under $100)

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Valentines day is only 2 weeks away, which makes this the PERFECT time to pick out something cute – whether you’re married, dating or single! Even if you absolutely hate valentines day, it’s fun to get together for galentines day and wear cute heart PJ’s and drink some rose. Or, pick up a cute red dress for date night! Matt and I have our fourth wedding anniversary the day after Valentines day, so I actually picked up a few pieces from this list to wear for that week! I love to get really into the spirit of the day, and rock a ton of hearts, pink and red. I hope all of these give you some inspiration to be a bit more festive for one of my favorite holidays!


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  • Samantha Griffis

    Bought #9 after seeing this post on your insta stories! It’s so soft. Also, 50% off today!

  • The dress number 2 is awesome!