Renting an A-Frame Cabin in Upstate NY

It seems like many of us can agree that there’s something magical about an A-frame cabin – it has a beautiful symmetry to it. I usually travel to Upstate NY in search of inspiration, and that while staying in this particular home I just could not put the camera down! Some may think the inside is a bit shoddy, but I felt it had this timeless seventies vibe that you couldn’t emulate if you tried. Noelle and Danny came and spent some time in the cabin with us, and we shot wayyy too many photos, like we usually do! haha! I’ve had a ton of requests for the link to the cabin, so here it is from Airbnb!


It also has so many rooms & we could have invited more people, but didn’t realize! Here’s some photos from our trip, and I’ve linked my outfits below to shop!





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