When it comes to dressing for Winter, I always feel so uninspired. I feel like it’s the toughest season to be a blogger, and also just a fashionable human in the universe. It’s cold outside, it gets dark early, the weather is dreary and most stores are moving on to Spring clothing, so you’re stuck wearing pieces you purchased at the beginning of the season. I decided this year that I was absolutely not going to let winter get me down. I vowed to not wear dark colors, and my usual stripes with a peacoat, and to step outside of my comfort zone. I’ve been making a huge effort to pick up a few trendier items to feel FUN and COLORFUL this winter, and I really urge you to do the same. I truly think it puts me in a better mood when I wear fun colored clothing like this!


The teddy coat trend is one I can really get behind. I will say, they are not the warmest of coats, but on days when its 40-50 degrees, like this one, they are so fun to rock, and are definitely a piece I will wear into warmer temperatures. This one looks the best with high waisted pieces, just because it’s a bit cropped. I’ve worn it with my high waisted jeans, and also with high waisted skirts. It’s my favorite jacket at the moment! I’ve linked the full look below, except the skirt because it’s from a few years back.




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  • I love to wear colourful clothes too and winter is definitely my least favourite season, all stores sell is dark and dull pieces. I love that sweater, it looks so fun and the coat looks so soft.

    Marta – http://www.aroundcolours.com

  • This is such a fun outfit, I love that jumper paired with that supper fluffy, cosy jacket – so cute! I find winter dressing so hard, especially in England! It is so cold and wet all the time & I’m pretty sure no-one looks cool in a raincoat! I love the idea of dressing more colourfully to bring some fun to the difficult winter months & am definitely going to try it. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  • that adorable headband


  • Natali

    Always being so cute, funny and styled in the best retro chic way! Love your jacket!


  • Andrea Caroline

    Your style is so so lovely.

  • this is so cute! such a lovely and colourful outfit to brighten a winter day:-) xx