New Arrivals In My Cart This Week (Under $100)

One thing bloggers usually do behind the scenes (almost daily over here) is check new arrivals. It sounds like a weird part of a job description, but it’s something I take somewhat seriously for two reasons – for one, I like to know what every store is carrying so I can help recommend places for people to find similar items and for two, I try to snag the cutest items before my size sells out! You’d be surprised how quickly the BEST things sell out, especially if another blogger styles it and links to it. Sooo, I figured since I am constantly checking what is new in store, it would be fun to start sharing weekly what is catching my eye before I even hit the trigger and buy it. What do you guys think?


Here’s some of my favorites for this week. It’s been sort of a weird time to shop for those who live in colder weather, because a majority of the sweaters were “holiday” sweaters and are now on sale, and the new arrivals are for Spring. Crazy right?? So here’s some weather appropriate selects, that still work in cold temperatures, but can carry us into the Spring too! Happy shopping!


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