The First Snow

The first snow ALWAYS makes me pretty giddy – in fact, every snow thereafter makes me giddy too. I will never forget my first real winter living here. I worked at a supply house, and I came into work screaming SNOOWWWWW and all of the seasoned NY veterans were rolling their eyes at me. I made snow angels, and went the extra mile to realllly enjoy real snow for the first time in a while. I’m not AS excited as that now, but it still looks so magical.


On this particular day, I went to an event in Brooklyn with Noelle and Rachel, and as we were walking up, the world was completely silent and the Brooklyn Bridge was covered in beautiful snowflakes. It felt like real magic. We were actually freaking out, and taking so many pictures, and basically in disbelief that it was even real. It was gorgeous guys. Even these pictures are some I’ll cherish and look back on! So here’s a peek into the day…



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