Personal: Perfection is A Myth

One of the biggest things that everyone has asked us over the past month is “How Are You Liking Living In a House???” They keep mentioning to us how much better it probably is than apartment living, and it definitely does have it’s pros. But that is the thing, it has it’s pros AND it has it’s cons, just like everything else in the universe, and I am so tired of other people thinking someone else’s life looks perfect. I am guilty of it too! It’s tiring – NOBODY is perfect. Not actors and actresses, not super smart Harvard grads with amazing titles, not super rich 1%ers and definitely MOST DEFINITELY not bloggers.


The house has a driveaway and laundry inside, and that is very convenient, but it also doesn’t have a dish washer, and most of the doors don’t really close because they’re so old, and the upstairs is still highly unfinished. And you know what, it’s all good, because it is a work in progress just like I am. No place is perfect. No person is perfect.


When I left my 9-5 job to blog I got the same question all the time – “Isn’t it soooo much BETTER working for yourself?!?!” Like perfection, the word BETTER is a myth. It isn’t better, it is just different. I choose when I work now, and I pick and choose the work I want to take on. I also get to spend every day with Hudson. But, I have all of the responsibility sitting on my shoulders, not on a managers now, which can be very stressful. I don’t get to clock in and clock out, and I don’t have paid time off. I have virtually no time off. So both are great in their own way!


The internet has created the age of comparison. Yes, back in 1980 I am sure people had moments where they would look at someone they worked with and feel envy, or compare, but it was a fleeting moment that passed. Today, we spend hours and hours scrolling through peoples feeds who we feel inferior to, when we shouldn’t. We are all on our own path, and we are all struggling in some way, shape or form. I get messages from so many moms asking me how I have it all together, and the truth is (which I message them back) I don’t. At all! Despite what you may gather from my feed (I try to be open about it on my stories, without being negative) the 6-12 month mark has been so so hard for us. It’s probably been the hardest few months of my life. Hudson didn’t crawl until 12 months, and he wanted to be held and played with all day every day. He JUST stopped being like that this week. So please, please, remind yourself that every person you know and every person you follow is dealing with their own thing. I have to constantly remind myself of it too, but if you needed a daily reminder, here is one!


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  • Bia Salvador

    And that’s why I love your blog/IG!!!!!

  • Thank you for doing this post Steffy! Its true that not everything is perfect and I’ve actually had a set back myself from fellow Mamas this last week.

    I’ve had to hold my hands up and speak out that I’m struggling where we live. I thought long and hard to create a gofund me page to raise funds to get us moved out of our dodgy neighbourhood. All for the sake of my son Winter. I dont leave my house very often beavuse of it, which you obviously dont see nor do I blog about it! Not everyone was happy that I’d opened up and spoke that I’m struggling as a Mum. We have had so many amazing friends and family support us though. Hoping the New Year we shall reach our target and be able to move house 🙂

    Sorry for the long comment! I love your blog and always admire your Insta.

    Lulu x x