Let’s Talk: The Balance Between Being Materialistic & Being A Good Blogger




After talking about this with SO many other bloggers, I finally had to write a post about something that I am so internally torn about in this profession. So many of you message me and ask me “How do you afford all of these things all of the time??” and I know that the big question mark is how do bloggers do it?? – They are constantly wearing new things, changing their decor and pushing new items for their followers to purchase.


When I started this blog, I was a HUGE vintage lover (I still am). I loved re-wearing my favorite holiday sweaters season to season, pulling out my favorite vintage shorts each summer and I was basically a creature of habit with a ton of things I loved and was pleased to be the owner of. I am still that person. BUT (yup, there’s always a but) I feel like an asshole when I wear vintage boots, and you all want to know where you can find the item. I almost feel like I am doing a disservice to the people who follow along just to get ideas of what to purchase for the season. This is my job – to scope out the best, most affordable things so that you all who have other responsibilities and much less time to devote to it than I do can just pop on here and find what you need without looking too far. I almost feel obligated, in order to do my job to the best of my ability, to style new items that are in the store right now.


Do I like to shop? Yes, of course I do. Am I gifted some of these items, which saves on cost? Yes, I am. But, I still don’t enjoy feeling so materialistic sometimes. It’s fun to receive new things in the mail all of the time, and to style new looks with trending items and know that you’re all buying them and enjoying them too. Yet I am fully aware of the materialism that blogging promotes, and I try my best to re-wear those favorite old sweaters, even if you don’t see them on my feed. It isn’t because I don’t style the same item multiple ways, it’s simply because I don’t want to waste your time. It’s a bummer when I see something I love on someone I follow , but then realize I can’t ever own it, and I don’t ever want to be the person who makes you feel that way.


What do you all think about all of it? Do you mind the materialism behind following bloggers? Do you care when I style old items you can’t buy? Let me know your thoughts..


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  • Laura Jarrell

    You are hands down my favorite blogger. Everything you post is so authentic and relatable. I love seeing both kinds of posts, vintage and new. So keep it up!
    I love your style!

  • Ashton Schornstheimer

    As a brand new mom, I can’t afford to buy new things for myself. And I can’t lie, I find it annoying when a blogger posts items that are a ridiculous price, like I couldn’t even afford a pair of $350 boots on my best day. I don’t keep up bloggers because I want to buy their items, I do it because I love clothes And I’m always looking for new fashion inspiration. Whether it be different color schemes or layering ideas. I can as easily go down to my local thrift shop and find items I love. I myself, love vintage clothing. You shouldn’t feel bad about what you do! You’re extremely lucky to be able to have such an awesome job that opens up soo many doors that’s 99% if people will never be able to have!

    • I was thinking the same thing, Ashton. Seeing a pair of vintage boots on a blogger doesn’t make me feel bad that I can’t buy them myself, it makes me feel inspired to go thrifting and score some vintage treasures of my own!

      There’s a misconception that us readers only follow bloggers for what they wear, and that couldn’t be the furthest from the truth for me and the other blog readers I know. We read for those relatable moments and because it’s fun to peek into someone else’s life journey.

      Sharing new items are great, but if anything, I feel bad when bloggers are *constantly* tagging/affiliate linking new clothes they’re wearing, while i’m over here wearing the exact same turtleneck i’ve had since high school. I’d love to see more bloggers re-wearing pieces and showing fresh, new ways to style items they’ve owned for years. Especially with the unethical fast-fashion practices so prevalent within the industry.


      • Sarah Wissinger

        Hi there – wholeheartedly agree with you, Disa. Steffy – I’ve been following you for years because I think you seem like an awesome, genuine person and I like your style. Like many others, I look to bloggers (in fashion, decor, lifestyle, etc.) because I enjoy the peek into their lives, not necessarily because I want them to be walking billboards so I can dress/style my house just like them. I completely understand that this is your full-time job and without promoting products and making commissions, you wouldn’t make money, but I am glad to see you touch on the materialism that’s being promoted. Within the past few months I’ve been learning more and more about the fast fashion industry and how damaging it is to the environment and to the people that are essentially forced to make these clothes, just so we can buy them super cheap (whether or not we need them – generally we don’t). It’s really disheartening. I’d love to see more bloggers promoting ethical, sustainable sources for clothing – or even sites like ThredUp, where you can purchase fast fashion brands second-hand, lessening the burden on the environment. Anyway, just my two cents. In short, I agree with others that find more inspiration in what you’re wearing and don’t mind seeing older clothes, even though they can’t be purchased with a simple “swipe up.”

  • this is a pic of family during christmas time…so cool


  • diana

    Yeah, I really don’t keep up with bloggers to buy exactly the same looks they wear. I usually just find inspiration to find similar items at my local thrift. So wether the item they post is vintage or modern I don’t feel overwhelmed I can’t own the exact look. A few bloggers I follow who do use vintage clothing simply tag similar items on Etsy or ebay.

  • Madison McQuary

    I think this post is just what I needed as a blogger. The struggle of having new things to share with bloggers versus restyling old pieces is hard. Honestly, I love seeing people style old pieces even if I can’t buy them because it gives me ideas of reusing pieces in my own wardrobe. Thank you so much for your honesty in this!

  • Sara Fortson

    Thank you so much for posting this. It’s so hard to keep up with most bloggers and they make their lifestyle feel so unattainable. I think you balance things perfectly, and you are so down to earth!

  • I love the honesty here about how it is a balance and not always one that you feel sure about. If it makes you feel better- I do definitely use blogs as ways to help me shop because I don’t have time. And I apperciate that you are taking the time to find the great buys- both for women and baby boys!- especially during sales etc. And I feel you are the right amount of new items. A few bloggers, I do wonder at all the new items, but, hey, we don’t know what’s going on in their lives and they make it work. However, I will say, that I follow you in large part for I do miss seeing the remixing of clothes. Seems like a few year ago, a lot of bloggers did “remixes” of their clothing, where they showed items styled in multiple ways. I do miss that because the creativity is fun.

  • Katie

    I’ve been following you for years now (found you eons ago via LB!), and it’s because of all the inspiration I get from this blog! I’m 31, around your age, and so I get it. You have a family. You have to support yourself. You grow, evolve, and have thrived! I love seeing the trendy, the vintage, and everything in between! I understand you have to incorporate sponsored items, but you don’t have to be authentic and honest about who you are and what you are going through…yet, you are just that! I appreciate your perspective so much. ThAnK yOu!!!

  • Aline Araujo Teixeira

    I guess that’s kind of the same struggle we’ve all been through. We all like to shop and own new things, but we need to learn to value what we already have and not lose perspective and give in to impulse purchases so much. Specially when we are older, our priorities are different.
    I think one of the reasons I changed careers from advertising to teaching is because of the sense of fulfilling the latter gives me. I started to look at advertising for what it is, this fantasy world created for you to consume more, and as much as I still love my magazines and to follow bloggers for inspiration, I have chosen to focus on what really matters most of the time.
    I have actually stopped following bloggers who became “too successful” and only wear/own everything high end. It’s just not most people’s reality. It certainly isn’t mine. How can I relate to that?

  • Such an interesting and relevant topic! I’ve had to unfollow a bunch of bloggers and instagrammers because there were such an overflow of new stuff all the time. It only becomes stressful. I never really buy the same item I see on a blog/instagram anyway, it’s mostly just the general look I get inspired by. What I would like to see more of is people re-styling old things, not just vintage and second hand (more of that too though, please!) but like “I bought this thing three years ago when it was trendy, this is how I wear it now!”. Because that’s the reality for most of us. I know it might be a bit much to expect fashion bloggers to take responsibility for the whole over-consumption business, but it’s still nice to see when people are rather promoting “use what you have” and up-cycling than just buying new stuff all the time. Sorry for a long comment, and for sounding negative – I actually really love shopping! – I’m taking a course on sustainable branding right now and consumerism can just be a bit depressing at times… anyhow, love your blog and especially your personal posts! You rock!

  • Valentina Tomirotti

    I follow you from Italy and I can assure you that it happens everywhere. Right words!

  • Caroline

    I really love your style, even if it is not my style, and I love to see your photos, I have been reading blogs for years, and maybeI can te something about them. Defiantly if a blog looks materialistic it’s so annoying, because life is not only consumismo, and blogs shouldn’t also, we also read blog to entertain. I think a blog should be something more human, sensible, a philosophy of life, an holistic thing, kncluding

  • Anjelica Rose Cortés

    The more I see bloggers promoting items and material possessions nearly everyday in posts the more turned off I am to following along, because even in a good income month I could never afford to shop so many items nor do I feel the desire to, which is why vintage inspiration is so refreshing. After following a lot of bloggers for years through the shifts to brand ambassadors or influencers it’s reached a point where I feel like so many of them have become walking adverts, even those posts where they are showing their friends or spouses or pets and I’m expecting a heartfelt dialogue turns into an advertisement. Of course I understand it’s a profession and an income and I really appreciate your trying to approach the subject with honesty! The posts that advertise clothing or products in a genuine way where the bloggers actually writes about what use they gather from it (I.e. I wear these boots hiking and they are great) or acknowledge not all their followers can or want to shop items are the ones that make me feel like the blogger genuinely understands their audience is diverse and wants genuine content. As a follower of yours for years I would honestly say I love seeing your style and gathering inspiration but I don’t follow you to shop the exact outfits or items and at a certain point it becomes overwhelming to feel like I’m just an audience for materialism. Your posts about Hudson or your new posts about honesty and sharing vulnerabilities each week are truly my favorites!

  • Caitlin

    I don’t at all feel offended or turned off if someone is wearing vintage – some bloggers will however link to a similar, purchaseable item. You could do that? That sounds like a lot of work for you, though…

    Also, someone else mentioned that remix posts are great and I agree – I loved the pictures from your travels because travelling almost always results in remixing!