Hudson’s 13 Month Update

OMG, am I now one of those moms who refers to their baby in months until they’re 50 months old? I guess it sounds weird to say 1 year + 1 month old update, and I want to keep the updates coming, at least until Hudson is walking, just for my own memories’ sake! Plus, I love reading other mamas monthly updates. Let me know in the comments if I should keep writing these every month! I try to keep my instagram to mostly style + home, so it is nice having a little place to elaborate more on Hudson. I can’t believe we’re a month past the one year mark!! My mom had my brother when I was 15 months off, and that part totally weirds me out – that if I was her I’d have a whole new baby in two months. INSANE. idk how she did it…


BABY UPDATE: For those of you who watch my stories – you are sort of in-the-know, but Hudson still wasn’t crawling on all fours or pulling up by his 1st birthday, so we had him evaluated per the doctors request, and also for my own peace of mind. They basically told us he is 100% fine, but he has a gross motor delay which isn’t due to really anything, except that he is more interested in fine motor + speech, so that is what he focuses on. The physical therapist gave me a few exercises, and told me to make him walk holding my hands as much as possible, and put his toys on furniture so he gets a lot of standing time in. About a week after his birthday he started to crawl on all fours and pull up (cautiously) and since then he’s been OFF, exploring and getting into things so much more. It has been such a great change in him, and while he is still very clingy + has bad separation anxiety, he is also more willing to leave my side when he is comfortable at home. I didn’t walk until 15 months, and it seems like he could be later than that, but I am just happy that he is fine, and he will eventually get there! He has been so vocal lately, which is adorable. He loves to say hello and bye bye and wave to everyone now! He also gives kisses, hugs and is just a goofy, funny dude to hangout with. He is OBSESSED with blueberries, and with the bath. He crawls to the bathtub and stands up looking to go in every chance he gets. It’s so fun seeing his likes and dislikes come out a bit more! It really does get more fun every day at this point!


MAMA UPDATE: Ever since Hudson started to crawl, my life became 94578399 times easier. There was a point where I would sit in pajamas until his first nap because I literally could not get up without him losing his mind upset. Now I can walk room to room, get some things done, tidy up, put clothes on and he just crawls behind me and follows me. It is mind boggling after having him sit and not move for so long. I guess it’s nice how much I really do appreciate him moving, because if he crawled earlier I wouldn’t even think twice about it. I am also STILL figuring out the work juggle, and badly this month since December is so busy. I had an assistant for a bit, but found it was too difficult to actually work with someone regularly when Hudson is really my first priority, and he needs to eat and nap and has all of these needs. Its tough having someone come and then making them wait on my kid! Matt has been back shooting everything with me, but that is really tough because he works a lot of days of the week too, so now on his days off he’s basically still working. So between us, we’re both always working, mom-ing, dad-ing and there isn’t much time for eachother or for ourselves. I guess that is life at this age. I am making an effort to be less busy, and to find time to hangout with people, phone free.




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