Guest Room Before + After With West Elm


For the first time in our lives, we have a guest bedroom! It felt really important to have, especially since both of our parents live in Florida, and want to spend time with Hudson. Every time they would visit, they would have to find an Airbnb, a hotel, or a family members house to stay in and we started to feel pretty bad about that. In the future, this room will become our master bedroom – We have lofty plans of dormering the roof (bumping it up to a square on one side), adding a full master bedroom and a walk-in closet. For now, it doesn’t have much closet space and there is not a bathroom upstairs, so it will remain our guest bedroom for a decent chunk of time!


In even more exciting news, I will be blogging my renovation journey on the West Elm blog throughout the next year! I’m sharing all about our journey in bringing this room from 0 to what it is now over there!


All of the items in the room are linked below!