5 Ways Bloggers Still Shoot Photos On Freezing Days

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Shooting photos of your outfits does become VERY difficult during the winter months when the sun sets by 4PM and the days are freeezing cold. I am going to let you in on a few tips and tricks that I follow while shooting in 40 degree temperatures (yup, it was 40 degrees F this day!) – I’ve picked up a few along the way after some years of living in NY! On this particular day we drove out east to one of our favorite Christmas Tree farms to pick up some things, and eat at a diner nearby. We are constantly shooting photos, as you guys know, and here’s some tricks we follow!


  1. Invest in a warm but stylish coat – You can wear it unzipped in your photos – I absolutely love all of the new ones in the North Face Cryos line from Zappos Luxury. It keeps me so warm, and I love how it’s inspired by the mountains so it has that rugged but stylish look to it.
  2. Wear a cardigan under your coat for shooting – This is another tip I always use – I will slip off my coat for a minute or so, snap the picture, and put it back on! You are all always asking if I am freezing in my instagram photos, and the answer is usually I am not, because I have a coat waiting for me right outside the frame!
  3. Drive around until you find a spot – This one only works if you don’t live in a city, but when we shoot around Long Island, we usually find a spot we love, pull over, leave the car on and hop out. We ALWAYS do this on snow days. You can grab a few amazing images, and then run back into a nice heated car!
  4. Make your house your photo studio – Some days it’s just too friggin cold. If you have a cozy bed, or kitchen that gets nice light, there’s no reason why you can’t shoot in there!
  5. Shoot in local spots you love – In the Summer, I am all about shooting in amazing locations outdoors, or at the beach, but in the Winter a coffee shop or restaurant is a great alternative! If there’s a nice cozy coffee shop in your neighborhood, snap some photos inside there!


On this particular day, I simply unzipped this adorable North Face Cryos coat, snapped photos, and zipped it back up! I am not super picky with photos, so it probably took a total of 3 minutes to snap these and call it a day!




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  • thanks for thr tips!


  • jimmy mack ✨

    Morning routines for me are always good involving a good face wash, a hot shower with a B&BW wash, and then wearing my bath robe while I do my makeup and sometimes drink tea before breakfast 🙂

    • jimmy mack ✨

      Also my IG is Marimar.toledo 🙂 love ur posts as always steffy 💖