Hudson’s 1st Birthday Party!

Can you believe this little fox is 1? Me either. He is the cutest, silliest most brilliant tiny person I’ve ever known, and it amazes me daily that he is mine. As I mentioned in the preparations post, I knew we had to celebrate him in a big way. Even though it was quite stressful having 40 people in our home right after moving, I am glad I did it because I will never ever forget for the rest of my life how happy he looked eating this cake, and watching all of the people who have been in his life sing happy birthday to him. He was squeezing his cheeks and smiling so big, and then he cried so hard when the cake was taken away. All of the emotions – I feel you Hudson. I will cherish the above picture forever.


^^^ This is the only picture of the 3 of us from the entire night! We didn’t have a photographer, and were just enjoying the party!

^^ I hung up all of the month pictures that I snapped from throughout the year. We were laughing so hard at those chunky baby thighs around 5 months when they start solids and bulk up. So scrumptious!


I ordered a lot of the party supplies from Party City. They sell a full Buffalo Check set of table cloths, napkins and plates, if you had a similar theme in mind. The other decorations came from Michaels – luckily it’s Christmas Season, and it was so easy to find trees, lanterns and wood blocks to display food on! I actually baked the cupcakes and the cookies to save a bit on cost, and the cake we bought from Pammy’s Cake Creations in Long Beach – she is amazing! I was so happy with how my vision translated in real life, but I also made sure to snap these pictures, and put the camera down.


I asked you guys on Stories if you wanted to see a vlog of the party, and a few of you wrote me messages mentioning I should live in the moment and enjoy. It really resonated with me, and while it would be fun to look back on a video of the party down the road, I am much happier knowing I actually enjoyed it, and didn’t even look at my phone once. It was a FULL HOUSE, kids were running wild, adults were hanging out until late and it reminded me of my own childhood, but for Hudson. I love seeing life come full circle like that! Enjoy the pictures!



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  • Gaby Monsanto

    These decorations are so adorable, I love the whole thing. I remember when my nephews turned one, it’s crazy how fast time goes by. I can only imagine when it’s your own child! Hudson is adorable. I would cry now at 29 years old if someone took away my dessert, so I feel his pain. Happy belated Birthday to him!

  • Shelly Shuey

    gorgeous family

  • Natali

    Awww!! Happy birthday to the little one!

  • wooooow you have done a lot of things for the first year, niiiice