My Favorite Place To Shop For Pre-Loved Designer Pieces

Most of you who have followed along for a bit know that I was never one to splurge on designer pieces for myself (I am still not!) I would much rather use the money to travel, find cute things to buy for Hudson or to just save that money! Buuuut, like most ladies out there, I do adore certain designer pieces, and dream of owning them *someday.* I was so SO excited to stumble upon Vestaire Collective, a marketplace for pre-loved designer pieces. Everything is soooo much more affordable than I’ve been able to find anywhere else, and I was finally able to make these red Gucci loafers my own just in time for the holidays.


My favorite part of shopping on Vestaire is that every item is checked for quality and authenticity before it is shipped! You never have to worry if what you’re buying is legit, which makes my life super easy because I would not be able to spot a fake from a mile away. I am just not that up on designer pieces, and what to look for! I am definitely keeping my eye out on their YSL and Chloe bags next, and will be wearing these loafers basically to death all holiday season! Sorry if you get sick of them! I’ve linked this entire look below.



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  • Natali

    Perfect choice to get those cute loafers at VC! I love shopping at VC, it’s always a great feeling to get designer things for a lot cheaper but still in a great condition.

  • Annabelle Thouveny

    Where did you get that bag ? 😍