His & Hers Boots For Fall Hiking

Sponsored by Zappos

Trust me when I say it is difficult to get Matt in photos, and to get Matt excited about fashion (as I am sure most of your men feel the same way), but when I mentioned to him that I was taking some Blundstones out for a test drive, he couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. He literally has not stopped wearing them since, and it’s so fun being out and about wearing matching Fall boots! Everyone needs a trusty and reliable pair of boots that are comfortable, flattering AND great to match your partner with. We got ours from Zappos.com and they showed up in lightning speed, as usual!


One of our absolute favorite Fall spots for a nice long walk, Hempstead Lake Park, did not disappoint. It feels like peak leaves are finally here, which is bittersweet because that means soon they will all fall off the trees and winter will show her colors. wahhh! We both wore our Blundstones (Hudson didn’t get the memo)  and meandered around the beautiful landscapes. It had drizzled a bit earlier, and there’s something extra magical about glistening red and orange leaves. Oh man, how I love this time of the year!



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