Velvet + Dramatic Sleeves for Fall

The weather has FINALLY been cooling off a bit, and the leaves are starting to change colors around these parts. We are headed Upstate this week to see some foliage and generally unwind and try to spend some time together after endless work + house renovation type stuff. It’s funny, when I had a 9-5 job I remember craving vacation, and feeling like I worked a lot, mostly because I was in the same office and at the same desk every single day. But now, it’s totally opposite, and while I do have free chunks during the day to grab lunch and focus on whatever needs attention at that moment, I currently feel like I work non-stop. It’s just a different work flow, and one that goes around the clock. As a blogger, you’re constantly responding to e-mails, shooting, and editing photos and video, even though it’s at your own speed. Anyway, fun little tidbit on #bloggerlife, and I am excited for the vacay (even though we’ll be shooting some work on it! haha!)


I absolutely love the “dramatic sleeve” trend that is happening this Fall, and this top is obviously in my favorite color on the planet. I can’t wait to style it with something green next! I’ve linked the full look below! Happy Monday and hope you all have a great first day of the week! I’ll be back with tons more fun posts this week 🙂