Pumpkin Patch With Hudson (His First Year!!)

If I am being totally honest, we probably went to three pumpkin patches! haha! But Hudson was usually in the stroller, and we sometimes feel bad making this guy pose for photos. I remember how annoyed I was growing up when my parents would make me be in pictures, sooo I always have that in mind! But it was obligatory to snap some of him on his first Halloween, and I wanted to share this adorable dress from ASOS that I picked up a few weeks back. Here’s some photos from our day!


What are you guys dressing up as tomorrow? I can’t wait to take Hudson trick-or-treating with some friends, and their older boys!


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  • Natali

    Little cutie pie, his face was filled with the excitement ! It’s amazing how everything in life is much more of a big importance and “event” such as pumpkin patch once you have kids and can experience it all in a completely different way.


  • your dress is perfect with the background,
    ps. i don’t think he is bothered about the pics, he is so small


  • he is a little copy of his dad, you are all soooooo adorable <3