Hudson’s 11 Month Update

We (almost) did it! Mom & dad almost made it to the big one year mark, which imo is a huge accomplishment on our part. haha! It has not been even close to easy, and we still have days where we’re like omg. it’s always something. does it get any easier??? But we’re so proud of our dude for suffering through all of the lousy things little babies have to deal with like teething, and learning basically everything about the world there is to know and sleeping alone and adjusting. Hudson is super sensitive, and always has been since day-1, and he is really clingy and will only go to me, but every day he learns so much and pushes through, and I could not be more proud of him. Here’s more about month 1o-11!


BABY UPDATE: This month, Hudson really learned how to use his body soooo much more. He has gotten so much better at getting himself around, still scooching, but he army crawls so quickly now, and has started to pop up in his knees, but still doesn’t quite get how to move around on them. He also realized he can take steps, so while I am holding him up he will walk forward which happened overnight. He still has a long way to go before i think he will actually walk, but I guess you never know, since they pick things up seemingly over night. He has 2 bottom teeth, and the two fang teeth have started to cut, which has sadly caused him a ton of pain. He also started to talk sooo much more! It’s incredible to see! He said “Hi!” or really it’s like “eyeee” and he says “bye bye” but more like “baah bahh” He also attempts to say doggy, but says “da- ga” It’s so amazing seeing how he copies us, and it cracks me up. I was so worried about his motor skills, but I guess every baby is so different, because he is such a chatter box that it sort of makes me worry less. It’s been a tough month on him between teething, a cold and being unable to go #2, but we’re making it through okay!


MAMA UPDATE: This month has been really challenging, just because of how clingy Hudson suddenly became again. It definitely has to do with him not feeling so great, but it’s rough and some days he won’t even let me walk 5 inches away without being hysterical. He won’t go to any of my family members, and sometimes not even to Matt if I am in the house, but not in the same room. It’s really hard on both of us, but we know it’s a phase and it too shall pass. Apparently I was the same way as a baby. I’ve truly let working out get away from me this month with house renovations and work getting in the way, and i need to take the time to take care of myself more. I want to start to cook dinner at a set time every night, and create more of a night time routine for myself, instead of just answering emails until midnight every night until I collapse. That sounds so much better doesn’t it? haha


Bath Toy Organizer: Love this to keep our bath toys in one place!

Zoom N’ Crawl Monster: This guy gets Hudson excited, and he chases after him!

Shake Eggs: This toy is so cute, and he loves the puzzle aspect to it!

Terry Leggings: These are great for comfy days crawling around


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  • Crystal Bertolami

    My niece Mabel was the same way! It seemed like she was having a breakdown if my sister wasn’t holding her alllll the time. She’d cry if Holly just set her down to get a drink or whatever. She turned one in September, and thankfully she’s gotten so much better once she started crawling and walking. Hopefully Hudson will be the same!

  • congrats…you know what, I saw my nephew one day and than I came back after two weeks and he was walking, they have three months difference with hudson… they are learning sooooo fast