My Beret Must-Haves

Beret Must-Haves

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Beret’s are EVERYWHERE. I noticed them coming back at the start of fall, and now I just cannot get enough of them. I’m a hat person, and seeing the evolution of hat trends each year is my absolute favorite. There’s so many fun ones this season, and the colors are swoon-worthy. When I was a freshman in college and Elizabethtown came out with Kirsten Dunst, I was SO into beret’s. I loved the red one she wore the entire movie, and immediately went out to find one. Here’s a funny throwback picture below – Kirsten & young me. LOL. (Also, how weird is my costume pearl necklace!! I remember thinking it looked so cool with this cobalt vintage sweater.) It’s funny how all trends come back eventually. When I gave away this hat, I never thought I’d be wanting it again someday down the road. I’ve linked all of these beret’s below!


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