1 Skirt 3 Ways + A STYLING VIDEO!

When I asked you guys what you were most interested in seeing on IG Stories, many of you mentioned styling tips, shopping tips and more fashion posts overall. I am excited to introduce my very first “1 piece 3 ways” post, and I am beginning to dabble in lookbook/styling videos as well! They are really fun to shoot and edit, and I hope that they can help you guys if you’re ever in a pinch and don’t have an outfits top of mind.


I also love the idea of focusing on re-wearing VS constantly shopping for new pieces. A basic black skirt (this one is from Levi’s, and this Madewell one is great too) is a must-have, because you can re-wear it sooo many ways! Here’s my 3 favorite ways to style this skirt for the Fall!


P.S. I over on the AMP3PR blog dishing all about what it’s like being a blogger! Make sure to pop in and read it!

  1. Add a sweater + some booties! This is perfect for a 60 degree day, before you really want to jump into pants or tights. If you belt the skirt and tuck the sweater in the front, it looks effortlessly cute!

2. Dress down your black skirt for a day of wandering around the city with a tee, a chambray and some loafers. I love how casual this look feels, and the glasses just add to that “cozy fall” effect.


3. Add a cardigan and a bandana for a street style feeling. This would be especially cute with tights when the weather gets even chillier!




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  • Natali

    You’re so cute in all of these outfits! The third one, cardigan and tee combo with the denim skirt is the way I’d style it too. 🙂


  • I love all these combos! I can’t get myself to buy a denim skirt (it is something I know I wouldn’t wear in the long run) but these looks make me want to buy one!


  • Antonia

    Cute outfits! I’m dying to know where the fox beanie is from 🙂

  • I love these types of posts and I love the video too! So cute, Steffy! I also read your feature on AMP3PR! Really interesting!

  • I totally agree, this consumism!!! My blog is called 7sevendays, because the first idea was to wear one item for 7days in different ways, so i can only appreciate this choice