Sunday Donuts Fall Look

There’s a cute local donut shop called Dough Hut in the West End of Long Beach that we rarely ever go to, but we decided to take a long walk and soak in the cold front vibes. I’ve worn this Paper Crown sweater around the house a ton because it’s my freakin’ favorite, but was so excited to wear it out! A lot of you messaged me about it, and I noticed it hasn’t been released yet in stores, but it should be on the site in the next few weeks!


I picked up these step-hem jeans from Madewell and they’ve instantly become a favorite. I wasn’t sure if I loved the look when it first came out, but when I saw how adorable they look with loafers + mules I was sold. It’s great to have the coverage on the back of your leg, but that cropped look from the front. I’ve linked the full look for shopping below!




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