Personal: Has Instagram Changed My Lifestyle Choices?

“I did it for the gram” is a phrase most people on social media (not just influencers!) have probably said in the past year or two. While I was eating at ‘cookie do’ in NYC, alone on a park bench with other random strangers taking pictures of their sickeningly sweet “cookie dough” in a cup, I started to think a lot about my habits, and how they have changed since the time before Instagram existed. Then I had an extremely frightening thought – Would I EVER have entered this establishment in 2009 and purchased cookie dough in a cup on a random Tuesday at 3PM?? The answer is pretty definitively no.


See, I am (or maybe was?!) a pretty healthy person! I love to exercise, I never minded a meal so bland that most people would yell WHERE’S THE SALT?? and I actually enjoy salad. But, with the invention of instagram, and trendy cute pictures of sweets, I bought into the craze and began to eat more sweets, which is totally fun and there is nothing wrong with it, but it is 100% a habit that has been influenced by the pictures I take for my instagram.


The thing is, it isn’t only with sweets! I’ve noticed this new trend, especially with travel, where I (and most people) enjoy seeing and doing things that translate best in photos. Now businesses are catering their menus, their decor and even their entire marketing strategy on whether their location or product will be shareable content. I’ve [sadly] attended beautiful events, with grammable flower walls and stunning table settings, but no food! Like, suddenly the actual experience of the meal doesn’t even matter because all that matters are the photos of people LOOKING like they may have sat down for a delicious meal. We’ve crossed this line of reality, and perception of reality, and there’s no going back.


Have your habits changed since the creation of instagram?


^^ Starbucks is taking full advantage. Did anyone actually drink this unicorn latte??? or did we all just snap a photo and toss it?


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  • Abigail Mera

    It’s true that with social media, especially Instagram, we’re no longer living the real live anymore. We’re living the live we want others see, that kind of perfect live. Did you notice that we think that others people live are boring if they do not update their social media? I stopped this in my live long time ago and other people should try and live real live more, turn off the phone when we’re with friends, having a coffee with your boyfriend or just taking a walk with your dog. Seriously, leave the phone at home is not going to kill us! And in Spain, where I’m from, is not that heavy, so we don’t usually see other people taking pictures by themselves alone, it’s kind of weird… haha I understand that many people’s live involve social media but instead to keep living with this in our free time we should take a break once in a while, don’t you think? To take a balance and don’t forget real life.

  • My habits have not changed since instagram was introduced to the masses, and that’s probably why I don’t post often. My life isn’t “instagrammable” by most standards, as is the case for so many people. Normal life is simple, routine, even boring at times, and that’s not seen as instagram-worthy.

    To have a beautifully curated feed takes real work! And i’m not interested in taking on another job right now, lol. But if I wanted to put for real effort into it, then yes, many of my personal choices would be different.


  • I definitely have noticed some of my habits changing because of Insta! I do eat more sweets or go out of my way to photograph a new cute space. I like it and hate it. In a way, it’s allowed me to discover new places. But I also want to get out of the habit of photographing every experience and just enjoy it.


  • Wow, I’ve never thought of it that way before! It’s so true though…I feel like everyone’s getting so caught up in looking the part instead of living it. I have to keep reminding myself to pursue authenticity, not perfection.

  • Emerald Dove

    I totally agree with you! I find myself buying ice-cream based on which colour is best for an insta pic and travelling places depending on which is most aesthetically pleasing

  • i was at that phase years ago and when i realised, glad i didn’t do anything just “for the gram” anymore!.
    good thing to share 🙂

  • Rameen Ilyas

    I am loving these personal posts! It feels like I am chatting with a friend and getting to know you better. I never thought about how much “do it for the gram” has been affecting us as a society, but you’re definitely right. I remember buying the unicorn frapp, partially because I wanted to instagram it and partially because I was curious of the flavor, but yeah, I threw it right out haha. Something to be conscious about I suppose.

  • Oh, I love this topic for a blog post Stephanie! Social media + blogging in regards to our habits changing is definitely something that crosses my mind. I totally go to places just because I want a photo, but I also try to enjoy the moment and purchase as much as I can. I’ve always been a sweets person so it’s not a huge stretch for me, but I felt the pressure when I was still blogging about fashion, but my values towards clothing were changing. I would go and shoot photos for the sake of Instagram…and then I felt like a fraud because it seemed so forced. For me I try to approach everything I do with intention and if it aligns with my purpose in life + my blog 🙂