His & Hers / Matt Makes A Blog Appearance!

Every once in a blue moon I can convince Matt to make a blog appearance, so this post feels a bit special! ha! He isn’t one to be in photos much, but I couldn’t not post these cute matchy matchy photos.


We went on a little sunset walk with Hudson, and rocked twinning shoes. Love these Chaco’s for outdoor adventures. They aren’t the kind of shoe I would wear out and about in the city, but sometimes when we’re going for a walk on the beach or hiking, I like to still feel somewhat put together, but still dressed for the occasion. These are it! (+ you can snag a pair for your guy too).  Shop my entire look below!


P.S. Yes, I skateboard, and I cannot wait to teach Hudson how!



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  • Lara Díaz García

    You guys are such a cute couple! Like a grown-up version of Suzy and Sam from Moonrise Kingdom

  • Natali

    You guys are the sweetest!! Thanks Matt for making an appearance, these photos turn out so lovely and
    you two have a great, matching style. 🙂


  • Awe you guys are so cute! Love your little family. 💛

  • Jennifer Hankin

    You guys are so sweet together!

    It sounds like you’ve found the perfect shoes as well 🙂 Love the photos