What We’ve Learned From Traveling Internationally (Twice!) With Hudson @ 8 Months Old

Phew, so some of you may have read this post a few months back about our tips for traveling with a baby. We thought we were such pros, and then suddenly Hudson because a human and not a blob, and it was a whole new ball game! Let me preface this post by saying we are still not perfect AT ALL, and there’s definitely trips where he is fussy and the people around us hate us. But here’s a few small things we’ve learned along the way on our journeys overseas with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. I hate to scare you guys, but travel while your babies are tiny, because it gets harder as they get older!


  1. BOOK YOUR FLIGHT DURING YOUR BABIES’ NAPS/ OVERNIGHT: We booked the 5PM flight to Copenhagen on KLM, so we were flying overnight. This made it so much easier, because we fed Hudson, and then he fell asleep pretty easily for the entire flight.
  2. BRING THEIR FAVORITE EVERYDAY GADGETS: So, maybe it’s just Hudson, but he is not interested in toys whatsoever. He loves to play with paper plates, my lipstick, his wipes, etc. We made sure to bring all of his favorite random items to entertain him (and of course to throw on the floor, haha.) This helps kill time if your baby is awake and a bit restless.

3. BRING WATER & EXTRA FOOD: If Hudson is still fussy after his bottle, we have been giving him water. It definitely kept him happy on the flight.

4. DOWNLOAD SOME KIDS MOVIES/ SHOWS: We are SO not people who ever let Hudson watch screens, but in dire situations we have them handy. During meltdowns, it helps to calm him down, so we had a few shows saved on Matt’s kindle just in case.

5. TRY TO SIT IN A ROW WITH AN EMPTY 3RD SEAT: The flight attendants on KLM were so sweet, and offered to shift us to a row with an empty 3rd seat! Hudson prefers to sleep on me, but if your baby would sleep on the seat, then it would be super helpful to ask!

6. BRING A BLANKET: Most planes are cold, and we used our blankets the entire time! Also, it helps to cover Hudson’s eyes a bit so he is not as distracted while falling asleep.

7. BRING DISTRACTION FOOD: Whether it’s puffs, or tiny pieces of bread, bring a food you can feed your baby for a while if need-be. We gave Hudson tiny pieces of our dinner until he was bored to pass some time. Also, how cute is the bib KLM gave him!!

8. TRY NOT TO FEEL BAD IF IT DOESN’T GO AS PLANNED: On our plane ride to Italy, Hudson was not a happy camper. He was wiggling and just couldn’t get comfortable, which led to a meltdown. It happens to the best of us. Just do your best!

*Thanks to KLM for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.