Hudson’s 9 Month Update / Why We Shouldn’t Compare As Moms

From months eight to nine, Hudson’s personality has begun to shine through so much more! He laughs along with conversations now, like he’s a part of them, and is just generally more of a human being! He’s fun to hangout with and see the world with, and his fascination with tiny little things makes me wish I could see the world through his eyes, even if just for a second. I stare at him most of the days, amazed that a person can physically be as cute as he is. How is he real!!


BABY UPDATE: Hudson got TWO teeth this month! I noticed his bottom tooth pop through a few weeks back, and then a day later the tooth next to it came through! He didn’t wake up in the middle of the night or scream like some of the horror stories I’ve heard, but he was fussy the week before they broke through.

He is still a massive lover of food, and now he’s pretty much eating all finger foods and only a tiny bit of baby purees (prunes, some veggies.) He usually eats eggs and a smoothie for breakfast with me, turkey, greek yogurt and a fruit for lunch and some kind of protein + veggie for dinner. He feeds himself now, and is a bottomless pit. If I keep putting food on his plate, he would keep eating. He threw a tantrum yesterday because we were eating ice cream and he wanted his own! It was wild.

He’s saying dada, mama and baba and he seems like he is starting to understand a bit of what is said to him. He still doesn’t crawl, but in the past few days has taken more interest in popping his knees under him, and pulling up a bit. I am trying not to worry about it, but it’s really difficult. I signed him up for Gymboree near our house, and he LOVES it, and it also seems like great practice in teaching him to crawl / walk. He is extremely laid back, and doesn’t seem to interested in moving, so I am hoping that being around other babies will inspire him. 🙂

MAMA UPDATE: Apart from the never ending struggle of time management, I have a whole new struggle this month – the comparison game.

Because Hudson is crawling a bit later than most of his baby friends, it has been so hard for me to not blame myself, or drive myself mad over comparing. It’s uncomfortable to see family & friends month after month, and have to tell them that Hudson is still content with not moving. At the moment, the doctor says it’s okay, but somewhere inside I still feel like I can be doing more, or like I am failing. It’s really hard to turn a blind eye. It’s really hard to see a 5 month old on the move, and tell the mom that my 9 month old isn’t. I know it’s silly, and I know Hudson will decide to do things on his own clock (now, and in life!) but for some reason I still beat myself up over it.

I would love to hear ways you’ve been able to battle the comparison game.



Joovy Walker: We love this for practicing standing and walking! Plus, there’s a tray for toys or food.

Foam Mats: I laid these out in a section of our home, so Hudson can have space to play and move safely

Pilot Costume: Loved dressing Hudson up in this for our flight to Denmark!

Baby’s First Blocks: Hudson doesn’t understand how to put these back yet, but they really entertain him!

Squeeze and stack blocks: These are great for teething, and he loves to play with them!


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  • Nicole Goldberg

    he’s so precious:)

  • He’s such a gorgeous baby! My baby is due in just under a fortnight so I’ve really enjoyed reading your updates & getting an idea of what to expect (although as you say in your post, every baby is different and that’s okay!) 😀 x

  • Ariane O’Connor

    He’s so so cute, I’ve never seen a baby with such perfect hair!
    My little man is 8 months old, he doesn’t sit up himself, doesn’t crawl and doesn’t seem interested in pulling himself up on anything either. He gets around by rolling from back to tummy to back to tummy. The reason I’m not worried at all or feel uncomfortable when comparing him to other babies is that he’s happy, exploring the world on his own terms, in his own time. I respect his adorable, stubborn laziness. Maybe his brain in currently learning things that the faster crawlers don’t figure out until later, who knows why babies learn new skills at different times? It’ll happen one day for sure. 😊

  • Carol Bergin

    Definitely don’t worry! My little boy just started to crawl a few weeks ago at 9.5 months. My friend’s baby has only just started and she’s almost 11 months. I felt exactly like you, as other babies were crawling much sooner, but it really doesn’t make a difference in the long run. I think they need to get the idea in their own heads and then they become obsessed with it! I worry all the time that I don’t socialise him enough and that when he goes to nursery he will be too clingy and sensitive and will hate it, but really we are all doing our best. This mom thing is really really hard! You’re doing great 😊