Hudson & I at Oslo Botanical Gardens!

oslo botanical gardens

As I mentioned in my Scandinavia Guides, the Oslo Botanical Gardens are a must-see. There’s beautiful green houses, and incredible landscaping all for FREE! I could not believe it. We absolutely love snapping photos in the beautiful lighting of a greenhouse, and dream of someday having our own. Hudson thinks cacti are funny, and here’s some of my favorite shots from the day!



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  • Hudson is such a big little guy (little big boy? I tell my son all the time that he’s the littlest big guy or the biggest little guy all the time because how can a baby be growing up so fast and yet be so tiny and cute. I’m sure you know what I mean!)

    Thanks for sharing these lovely family moments.

  • Natali

    Such a sweet photos! You and Hudson are both such a fashionistas, great looks! 😀