Copenhagen, Denmark Guide

We’ve absolutely loved traveling through Scandinavia, and I am excited to share all of our favorite spots with you! I felt at home in Copenhagen, and found it to be one of the few cities that I would happily live in. We did not feel like we had enough time, and we spent 3 full days wandering around! It is pretty big, and somewhat walkable (But we definitely walked 10 miles one day!) Here’s our top spots!

Kaffe & Vinyl




Risteriet Coffee

Matt said I drank my latte from here quicker than ever. It was so good!

Kaffe and Vinyl

Cutest coffee shop within a record shop!

Mikkeller Bar

This brewery was so cool inside (look at those aqua floors!) and had such a great selection of drinks!

Dyrehaven Restaurant

We ate dinner here one night because it was close to where we stayed. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was cozy!

Lele Bonmi

This stand is within the Torvehallerne market, and had delicious sandwiches!


The incredible churro ice cream in the photos is from here! It was as good as it looks!




Torvehallerne Market

There were so many delicious spots to eat, and flower stands to browse through! A must-see!


This museum had such a lovely collection of French paintings! We were blown away by all of the Monet, Gauguin, Degas and so many more!


This adorable neighborhood has a beautiful canal, and is the perfect spot to walk around and snap photos.


This place is weird – and i mean WEIRD. There’s weed being sold legally, a skate park in the middle of the town with people passed out inside, but then adorable hippie families, too! It’s worth walking around in just to see it.


This is the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world, and it has such a cool vintage vibe! Plus there’s gardens on the premises too, and they’re breathtaking.

Mondo Kaos

This cute vintage boutique is located on a street filled with tons of cute vintage shops! Definitely walk around the area.


Must-visit spot! This street was SO cute, and had so many coffee shops and recycled clothing shops!


Our Airbnb was actually perfection. It was one of the most beautiful apartments I have ever been in, and I would highly recommend it! I could not stop taking pictures of it!

I will share more Scandinavia city guides in the next few days! Make sure to checkout my Italy guide here!