6 Toys We Added To Our Playroom This Week!

I was chatting with my momma friend Kira the other day about how Hudson seems bored during playtime, and she mentioned adding some new toys to his collection. I realized that I hadn’t really upgraded his toys in a while, and maybe he had outgrown them mentally (and physically too!). It’s hard because I know I want to be a minimalist ( and I am sure you do too!) but with kids, they actually do seem to get bored of their toys. I know rotating them out can help too, but I decided to go a little ham and get him some new goodies! Here’s what we added, and what he likes best/ worst!

How do you keep your babies entertained? Leave any tips or tricks in the comments!


Most Favorite: Step’ N Play Piano: Hudson absolutely loves this, plus he’s standing and dancing in it, so it helps build his leg strength!

Runner up: Sort & Discover Activity Cube: This toy keeps him endlessly entertained! It has pages to flip, pieces to spin and it makes noise. It is our new go-to!

Discovery Treehouse:  This toy has a lot going on too, and definitely keeps Hudson entertained

Sit-to-Stand Walker: This one is a saving grace for my back! I can help him stand more securely, but not have to be holding his hands, which is a nice break. He also loves to sit and play with it as well!

Drop & Go Dump Truck: This toy is great, because it’s helping him learn how to put toys back instead of take them out. The first time he put the balls into the truck I was like.. WHATTTT!

Least Fave: Hooty Hoo Baby Toy: This toy is so adorable, but as with most cute baby toys, they’re cute to the eye, but not as entertaining. This always happens! He still likes it, it just isn’t his fave.



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  • Oh! THe Piano one looks fun. Since baby toys can get expensive, we’ve been scouting out garage sales and finding things there. If our 7 mo. doesn’t love it, it was only 3 bucks. But seeing what works with other kids can be really helpful for when we do want to buy something new. Thanks!