NYC Day in the Life/ Unicorn Ice Cream & Brunch at Seamore’s

This post was sponsored by Uber, but all opinions are my own.

There is nothing better than the Summer in NYC. Yes, it is hot and yes, the subways can be sort of stinky, but every restaurant is filled and there’s inspiring people walking around everywhere! I spent the day working in the city with Samantha, and we stopped in for brunch at Seamore’s. The food is out of this world, and I cannot get over how adorable the mint decor is!

Once we finished our meal, we just HAD to try the unicorn fish ice cream cones at Taiyaki in Chinatown. It was so hot out, so we hopped into an Uber to get there quickly and we met Matt. We were running a bit late, so it was awesome being able to share our ETA with Matt, so he knew exactly when we got into our car, and he was able to view the map in real-time. I also love how I could read all about my driver in the Driver’s Profile. Not only does it make me feel extra safe, but it’s fun to learn a thing or two about another NY resident who is out and about in the city every day!

Also, it’s totally worth the trip to Taiyaki. The ice cream is sooo good and how adorable is it? It’s probably the cutest thing I’ve seen all year besides Hudson. I couldn’t stop smiling!



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  • Taiyaki is one of my favorite places in NYC! I haven’t had a chance to try the unicorn one yet, but I loved the Christmas cone they had last year!

  • Fun! Where is the shirt from?

  • Megan Davis

    Absolutely love this look (including the unicorn ice cream) 🦄 Where is that beautiful bag from?