10 Things Suggested By You For The 8 Month Sleep Regression

8 Month Sleep Regression

Being a baby is tough, and being an 8 month old is impossible. These poor guys are teething, learning how their bodies work AND they’re learning to speak our language all at the same time. To top it off, they’re also not sleeping well – Which just hit us here in casa Degreff this week. The 8 month sleep regression. Yikes.


When I needed help, I decided to turn to you moms and dads, the true experts who are living through it right now. And you guys are sooo helpful! I always feel bad hoarding all of your good advice, so I figured I would share it for others going through this out there. P.S. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR BEING SO HELPFUL. You’re all seriously amazing. It’s so nice to feel like we aren’t alone.


Be consistent

1 – “Just stick with your sleep training method. Just be consistent. It’ll pass.” @tweetch 

2 – “We just stuck to our bedtime routine and tried to keep everything consistent. It lasted about 2-3 weeks and corrected itself.” @magicmegxxl

3 – Lots of rocking and patience, my little guy likes it when I sing the same line or two of a song over and over, I think it bores him to sleep.” @deefarella


Stay Extra Active During The Day/ Extend Wake Times

4 – “Don’t force and be patient. Keep so active during the day such as swimming so he can be tired.” @dolunayoga

5 – “The key is to tire him, if he crawls it is to let him do it until he gets tired or play with him!” @alexia_machado

6 – “No advice other than to tough it out. I did notice that if I extended my baby’s wake times just a total of an extra half hour – 45 mins a day, she slept better around this time.” @wildflowerred

7 – “If he hasn’t already done so, it could be time to drop the third nap. Or shorten it to a cat nap, i.e. max 30-45 minutes.” @the_ritz


Nothing Works, Just Let it Pass

8 – “Nothing works. It just passes.” @timmelideo

9 – “My 8 month old is in the same boat. :(” @laurenabyers


Recruit Dad for Help

10 – “Give him to his dad, while the dad is touring in the room for a million times singing lullabies, you take a good nap.” @yusuftorun_


8 Month Sleep Regression 8 Month Sleep Regression

^^ I loved this photo. It sort of sums up this past few weeks. Remember, just because we share cute pictures, it isn’t always peachy around here either. We’re all just trying to get through it. I love having you other new parents out there to go through it with. Hope this helped you in some way! *Sleep Dust*

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