What Bloggers Do When They’re Not At NYFW

So yes I live in NY, and no I haven’t mentioned NYFW here. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love following the shows and events from Style.com/other bloggers on Snapchat, but after attending a few times (here and here), I decided it is not my scene at all. I’m not going to lie and say I was invited to incredible shows, and I am SO cool that I said no to them. I got some invites, but it was nothing that made me want to bring my 33 week pregnant ass into the city, get dressed up, and still feel less cool than the person sitting next to me.

It’s a showy scene, filled with one-upping, and yes incredible style, but also so many hours of preparation to be seen. It’s a weird world. Instead of putting time and effort toward dressing up for events, I spent Friday night with my fam in this! I am wearing these Madewell maternity jeans that are my favorite ever right now! It’s still hot outside (supposedly it’s cooling off this week!!!) but that is not stopping me from wearing plaid 🙂



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  • I agree with you, I feel like I wouldn't fit in if I went. I think I would like to go once but the novelty probably wears off

  • I so get you! It's soooo tiring and was sooo hot for the most part. I just love your maternity style. So amazing and inspirational for if and when I ever have a little one. Lol!


  • You're such a beautiful, stylish and inspiring mommy to be! As much as I love your fashion taste, I love your mindset too!


  • I love this so much. I'm sooo on the same page as you. I use to love going to NYFW. I use to love going to the shows for the clothes…but the scene has become something I don't want to be a part of. It's nice to hear this from another fashion blogger. And thank you for being real about it. Also I hope I look as good as you when ever I'm pregnant.


  • Love your style so much ! Can't wait for plaid shirts season to begin 😉

  • Love this post! I don't think Fashion Week would be my scene either. Love when fellow bloggers keep it real. x


  • Haha! I totally agree. After six seasons at NYFW, I'm now wondering how I even lasted six seasons. Not for me at alllllll. Plus, I always had to use valuable vacation time only to come home exhausted and burnt out!

  • thanks for sharing your thoughts! so much agreed..