Decorating for Halloween!

Luckily my baby is due to be born around one of my favorite holidays, which means I now get to celebrate Halloween AND his birthday! Celebrating is a little tricky this year, since I may or may not be in labor, but that is not stopping me from decorating our home and picking out matching costumes to Matt (you can see our past costumes hereherehere and here) like we do every year.
It’s super easy for us to find costumes, but I have yet to stumble upon a Halloween store that isn’t totally tacky.. that is, until the Grandin Road pop-up shop in Macy’s Herald Square! It’s basically my dream come true, filled with adorable decorations and really cool displays. You almost feel like you’re in a haunted house or a ride! Anyway, Matt and I stopped in to pick up some things, so hopefully when we bring home our little pumpkin, there’s pumpkins all over our home too! 
If you’re in NYC, make sure to stop by! It will be in Macy’s Herald Square until October 31st!

Here’s a few of our favorites that we picked up:

Grandin Road Pillow

Featured products:
Gold pumpkin c/o Grandin Road
Glitter pumpkin c/o Grandin Road
Shenandoah Mantel Swag c/o Grandin Road
White ceramic pumpkins c/o Grandin Road
BOO pillow c/o Grandin Road

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  • UMMM looks like I need to make a trip there right now! O H M Y G O D!

    PS Your house is so lovely!


  • I love how sleek and seamlessly these decorations blend into your home!



  • Anonymous

    may i know where you got the volkwagen camper? 😀