Is It A Sin To Turn 30 Without Owning One Designer Bag?

In 2012, wearing a vintage Dooney and Burke bag


So, I just wanted to put this out in the world for all of you other women my age – As my 30th birthday quickly approaches (4 days away!) aside from feeling thankful and fulfilled by the first 30 years of my life, I have this one huge itching thought in my brain – Do I need to get myself a really REALLY nice gift, like my first designer handbag?!

See, my thought has some logic to it –

When Matt and I got engaged, we were pretty young. We rented a 1 bedroom apartment and didn’t make much money, so I never put much emphasis on “my ring.” I know some women feel like the ring means nothing and the love behind it means everything, and others feel like they deserve a really expensive rock because this is the only one they’re going to get. I guess I lie somewhere in the middle of both sides. I knew we couldn’t afford anything too much, and that was fine.

Then, after having Hudson, I decided I truly don’t believe in this new trend known as a “push present.” I felt like Hudson WAS my present, and anything material seems absolutely silly. So that was that.

But now, as I enter my next decade of life, I wonder if sometimes I sell myself short on accepting nice gifts or feeling like I actually deserve these things. Maybe it has to do a bit with comparison, and seeing all the other bloggers around me donning Prada and Chloe, or maybe I just feel like it’s my time to enter this club too. Part of me hates myself for feeling this way, because I was mostly a material-less hippie growing up who never wore shoes or cared about brand names, but another part of me wants to feel like I’ve earned the ability to wear an expensive bag on my arm and feel comfortable with it.

What do you ladies think? Did you ever go through this “quarter-life crisis” like me?? Should I splurge on myself??


In 2013 wearing a bag from Romwe

In 2014 wearing the same bag from Romwe!

In 2015 wearing a satchel from Chicwish

In 2016 wearing a Madewell tote

In 2017 wearing a Patricia Nash Crossbody


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  • Okay, so as a thirties something lady…. can I just say, no, you don’t *need* to own a designer bag in order to have truly made it as s blogger or woman etc. etc. That said- if you want it, yes, buy one! You only turn 30 once, after all, and I think as mothers, we often put ourselves last. Which, hey, I want life for my son and my husband to be awesome, so that’s fine! But, treating yourself kindly is also important and maybe for you, it is that bag for your birthday.

    Plus, the thing with a designer bag is you can have it forever and it will still be functional since it is of good quality.

  • GET YOU THAT BAG, girl! As much as you use a purse, it’s time you buy a super swanky/timeless/quality bag that will last you for years! A bag like that is worth the $ if you ask me.

  • Rameen Ilyas

    I think that if you really like something and have been eyeing something for a while, then yes, it is okay to treat yourself. in fact, you SHOULD treat yourself! allowing yourself to indulge in fancy things every once in a while is definitely a way of showing yourself some kindness because you’re acknowledging the fact that you are indeed worth it! so i say, if you want a designer bag, get yourself that designer bag!

  • Peppermint Dolly

    Life is short -> Get The Bag! Look, no one ever NEEDS a designer bag, but I also believe if you want it, can afford it and will treasure it for a long time, why on earth not!?


    • I love your logic, and it is true. It isn’t something I would ever “need” to have, I just need to decide if I truly want it!