Mornings Like These

* This post was sponsored by Macy’s but all opinions are my own!

So many mornings, I instantly jump up to check e-mails or start crossing off items on my to-do list, and it feels so good to take a morning like this once in a while to eat some fruit in bed, enjoy my coffee and lounge around in these insanely cozy joggers from Macy’s Max Studio Collection and this soft striped tee!

I’m trying to really focus on how I start my day lately. I find I enjoy days more when we lay in bed and soak in the morning sunshine before getting up and going non-stop.

How do you start your mornings?


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  • I’ve become a bit of a night owl so unfortunately, waking up looks like a rush to get showered, dressed, and ready for work. I grab something quick to eat on the way. I’ve been living my weekends more intentionally. They usually start with a cup of coffee and small chores.

    • I am a night owl sometimes too! It’s a hard habit to break when you feel like you have a ton to get done!

  • Natali

    Comfy home wear and easy going mornings are the best ones! 🙂

  • Audrey

    I love your side braid, it looks so full! And I agree, sometimes having a relaxed morning is just what you need.