Why I love and hate social media

I have to admit, when I created this blog 6 years ago, I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into (or that marketing would blossom into my career). It’s brought me SO many incredible opportunities that I didn’t even think I ever deserved (and still don’t think I deserve), and I am forever grateful for that.

But, it comes with a trade-off. It has robbed me of moments. It has forced me to put myself out there during weeks when I’d rather not be. It has made me think about my life in a different way, in a “marketable way.” It has become something that’s nearly impossible to take back.

I am extremely glad that I never became a “professional blogger,” and that I’ve always kept my career separate for this reason. Even with having a steady-income job, some weeks the pressure feels like a lot. I know that bloggers are an easy target for snickering – (look how great they have it, wow they’re getting THAT, they so don’t deserve that, or just sheer shock at how many things get thrown our way.) But here’s a few thoughts from the other side that go through my head many days:

– Maybe I would have rather just paid for this so I can spend the day with my husband and not have to take a picture in it

– YAY I’m going to this scenic vacation spot… that means pictures (wouldn’t it be a waste if we didn’t take any?)

– I gained a few lbs this month, I wonder if followers will notice 🙁 – this was a big one last year for me

– General inability to disconnect

– I am seriously not conceited enough to be in one more picture this week. or ever.

– And the worst, comparing. Which I don’t do too much, because I know it isn’t my f/t gig. But it’s inevitable.

Like I said, for me, blogging is a beautiful and creative outlet. Matt and I both minored in photography, and we absolutely adore taking photographs. Getting dressed is fun for me, vintage clothes make my heart beat faster, and the fact that I am able to work with brands like West Elm and Urban and Madewell and the list goes on makes me SO SO happy. But, some weeks I just wonder what it is like to be a “normal” person who just uses social media to share pictures with their friends. If I could go back, I wouldn’t. But if there’s a perfect balance, please do share. 🙂


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  • such a cute winter look


  • Love this outfit and love your points. I think we have all struggled with the trade off of between enjoying the moment and capturing the moment. The guilt of not being able to capture everything actually made me stop blogging for a while, but I came back to it because I missed having a place to share my interests. Now I'm really focused on not letting it get to me, as there will always be other opportunities for a photo!

  • A lot of people on social media forget that bloggers are actual human beings with feelings. Finding a balance between enjoying & capturing the moment is definitely something that we all struggle with! x


  • Dear Steffy, You speak exactly out of my heart! It's actually incredible to what Social Media developed and to what extent it impacts our lives!
    May I ask you where your bag is from?

    Best Michaela

  • I totally know where you are coming from. Keep up the good work, I love your blog
    Blythe Leslie Photography

  • you guys are so cute together. love your blog!


  • Yes! I totally agree. I went from blogging almost everyday to 3 times a week… But now I only blog once a week and I feel it has worked the best for me. I have considered stopped blogging altogether a lot! But I love looking back at posts, mostly the ones where I have vacationed with my husband and such. It's like a diary.
    Everytime I've asked my husband "should I stop blogging?" He tells me : "it's up to you, but if you love blogging I think you should continue it. Just don't treat it like a 'I have to do a post' just post when you feel like it and have fun with it"

    My husband helps me balance it all out lol! He is the kind of person to take my iPhone out of my hands and say "today we enjoy the day, no pictures. Well, just one, but that's it" hahah! So I have to pray I get a good shot in the first try!! XD

    I love your blog and the home edit posts!! Such an ispiration. Keep up the great work! 😀


  • i agree, but one just has to try and focus on the positives! 🙂 also, you both look really cute. your hair look lovely! (and makes me want my hair to grow quicker!) xx

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  • That's why I like you so much. I love your blog and your style, but I also see here a true person, not a 'product', like many other bloggers became. If you gained some weight, I don't really care, it's just life! And you're still the same person. I think most of your followers think the same.
    I am so grateful for this post, it reminds me of what is the most important thing in life.

  • I think you always keep the balance, that's what you make the different for us and we think the same. Thanks for this post and just keep being you! 😉

  • I completely understand. My bf and I went to LA last week and of course, I figured it would be good to "take blog photos". But I just didn't feel like it at all. Sometimes it controls too much of my life. It really is great to take a good break from it.
    Keep your chin up, you are always an inspiration!!