Winter 2016 in NY

Similar cardigan | J.crew lookout jeans | J.crew chambray | beanie
I have to admit, at this time last year I was feeling pretty far from myself. If you guys even remember, I paused on blogging! I think I took a month or two to just be. It’s funny how life varies year-to-year, because this year I couldn’t feel closer to myself. Winter 2016 has done a 180 on me. Maybe it’s because my hair isn’t RED (why!!!) or because I am working a job that feels more “me” or maybe we’re just a bit more settled here, but it’s exciting!
I can’t believe it’s already friday! This week was just lovely, I returned to NY on monday evening, and was able to finally play in the snow a bit before it all melted! matt and i met up with robert & christina of new darlings on wednesday, which was a treat. it’s always fun meeting bloggers (& instant friends) in real life, and dreaming how wonderful it would be if they lived close by! then today i worked from NYC, and drank one too many cups of coffee 😉 this weekend we’re planning on adventuring, so make sure to follow along on twitter, pinterest & snapchat (steffyspandcs)! 

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  • I love your outfit! I agree, this week and this year has crept up on me and I am not ready for any of it. But at the same time, I am excited for all that is too come. Have a great time adventuring! 🙂

  • Great to read this! It's so important to be in tune with yourself! Wishing you a great weekend! 🙂

  • I love the fog in this photo, it creates that dream like quality. Love the combo of that burnt orange with the tan bag. I've always thought it was such a homey and comforting color, which I love, and reminds me of my college days when I had no real concerns other than passing a class, haha.


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  • Love your outfit!
    Your cardigan is awesome, love the color.

  • love how ur outfit colors are always warm <3

  • Gorgeous pictures, that cardigan os so dreamy! X

  • This is a very nice cardigan !
    Ravissant !