Brooklyn Scenic

J.Crew coat | Topshop skirt | Similar tee 

Some of the most beautiful city views can be seen from DUMBO. I particularly love when it’s grey like this, with a hint of fog.

I know it must seem like I have 8 gazillion jackets, but I promise there’s not more than a handful. lol. I treated myself to this coat as well, because last year I had a ton of lower quality coats that were too thin, so I was always chilly. It’s fun to slowly build a quality winter wardrobe, one that will last! I was in between this coat in this color VS grey. I chose this one because of how happy it is on a dull winter day. I’m still not 100% with my decision, which would you have gone with?

We grabbed a cup of coffee at Brooklyn Roasting Company. Matt is pickier with coffee than I am, and according to him it gets a thumbs up. 😉

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  • I love the grey foggy winter days too. I find the lighting just perfect for photography.

    As for that amazing coat, though. Great choice on the color. My wardrobe has a lot of earthy tones so the red would just pop and add some much needed contrast.


  • Yep, this colored coat was much better choice than the grey one! You look adorable! 🙂

  • your coat is so cute, love the colour

  • The coat is gorgeous! I'm all for bright colours during winter!
    I've been looking for a winter coat in a bright colour for months but haven't had any luck – either the fabric is too thin or the fit isn't right (tall girl problems!) or it's above my budget. I eventually gave in and went with a black one because the temperatures got too cold for my shorter jackets… but I'm still keeping my eyes peeled!

  • We have the same bag! Or, had the same bag.. I've taken mine out of rotation because after near daily use for… oh, at least a year, right? It was looking a little haggard. But it's amazing how well a F21 purse holds up!