life behind the scenes.

I’ve found that working from home leaves life a lot less structured, which is beautiful. I’ve been embracing it, and loving not having it all together all the time. PJ’s until 1PM? Sure, why not!

Here’s some snapshots of what my life looks like. It’s been really fun the past few weeks, really really fun. I was thinking the other day about how quickly time slips through your fingertips. It is one of my biggest fears in life to turn around and go WOAH 10 years have passed and this isn’t who or where I want to be. If you feel like that will be you, then do something about it! I loved my last job, but I knew the lifestyle it provided for me was not how I wanted to live my life. I spent a lot of days feeling a little heartbroken inside at missing out on being outside, or seeing new things or having new experiences. It made me sad when I hit 1 year there and realized in an entire year, I had only taken 1 big trip. This wasn’t following my life mantra, and I knew it. I am not going to let that happen anymore. I was given only one, people, and THIS IS IT. It is scary, but true.

Here’s to doing everything our teenage selves would have wanted us to do!

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  • Such a great and positive way of thinking!! Nobody can wake us up and live our lives instead of us but ourselves! If we do it well, we might actually say on our deathbed that we did live a fulfilling life worth remembering. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing these photos and giving us an insight into your everyday life. 🙂

  • The wall with plants and lights is so pretty! I'm glad your new job makes you happy! I'm not sure if I could have such an unstructured work day. How do you keep up with tasks and schedules? If I don't have somewhere to go, I usually let my work pile up on the wayside.

    How To Be More Like Lauren

  • so good! I actually just started a new job too, I was miserable at my last one and this one makes me so happy! Love these photos!

  • Good for you, Steffy! I'm so happy that you pursued something that you really love! I think it's so important because our jobs really become our lives so it's so important that we do something we love to do! By the way, your home is so beautiful!

  • I totally get what you're saying about your previous job. I've found myself in a similar position so many times, and it's good to be able to reflect and know that it's time for a change. I really enjoyed these behind-the-scenes pictures and am glad you're life is much more relaxed now.

    Sweet Helen Grace

  • I love your photos!! That couch is so lovely, and your living space seems ideal for working from home.


  • so so beautiful babe!

    Natalie Off Duty

  • That wooden palette with the plants and lights is absolutely beautiful! I must try that. I share your fears, m'dear. I think we all do. I experience it as a neck-tightening, claustrophobic comfortableness that makes me afraid that I'll never express my full creative potential, never have a story to tell, or never be excited of the unknown.

  • Your leggings look so comfy, love these photos

  • My fav photo is the last one, I guess my love for dogs trumps everything, even love for design and decor. Love the sofa. I wish I could be in my PJs now!

  • I totally understand. I'm working towards being a performer at the moment, but have to work as a flute teacher part time to support myself. Everyday I go to work I feel a bit heart broken to be "wasting" my day working instead of practicing or creating music/art or studying something I love. Congratulations on breaking free of "regular" employment! 😀