so much news in so much plaid.

So, i guess i have beat around the bush a little bit, mentioning little tidbits on instagram and snapchat, but we are moving… AGAIN! we’re not going far, just getting a place that has a bit more space. I wanted to make sure it was a sure thing before i shared, and now i can happily say it is, and we should be moving in the next week or so! i will definitely make a house tour video and show you the place before we fix it up (i wasn’t so great at that with our current home!) moving is SO stressful, especially with my work schedule of leaving to work around 7AM and not getting home until 6PM. when is there time for life? lol

I am also really excited to partner up with Unique Vintage for the next 3 months as a style society member! they have such adorable retro clothing, and have worked with so many women who inspire me daily! This plaid shirt has become an instant fall staple, especially amongst this moving chaos. Nothing better than something you can throw on in a second 😉

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  • love the flannel

    Ray-Ban Giveaway on my blog!

  • Oh, how exciting! I hope the move goes smoothly, and I love your plaid shirt!

  • Congrats on the move! Also, love the olive accents in this outfit 🙂
    Wow, I completely relate to those funky work hours, as I had to dedicate the same amount of time every day this summer for my internship.

  • Beautiful colors!

  • Super cute outfit! I like your boots and shirt very much!

  • Good luck with your new place and moving, I hope everything will go smoothly because these things really are super stressful. And yay for the collab, I love Unique Vintage and you can never have too many plaid items in your closet 🙂

  • Love this seasonal look on you! Good luck with the move- we changed apartments not too long ago and even though we weren't going very far (literally across the street) it was still such a stressful time! Once you get settled it's all worth it, right?

    xx Larisa @

  • Cool outfit 😀
    It's still better than me as I am currently working 7am to 8pm :S
    No life apart from that ….

    xx Michaela

  • Plaid is always in style, no matter the season 🙂 love the beanine. Good luck with the move and can`t wait to se that tour of the new place.