one year ago today, matt and i showed up in NY after driving for two days straight with our entire lives in a U-Haul. I had a new job that I didn’t start yet, he had one work contact for his freelance business, we were in contract for our apartment (but it wasn’t a done deal yet) and our lives could have gone in a hundred thousand different directions.

we were scared! we fought! it wasn’t easy! we spent almost every cent we owned on our apartment, we were newly married and first time homebuyers and our lives were fully up-in-the-air. but you know what? it was all 100% worth it. we had a dream and we made it happen. i’m so proud of us. it’s so easy to get caught saying i will do that SOMEDAY, or I would do this thing BUT, but we didn’t allow our insecurities to paralyze us.

Today we both love our jobs, we’re moving into a larger apartment down the street, and we both know in our hearts it’s because of our own hard work and dedication. These milestones in life.. make sure you savor them. ♥

p.s. we snapped these on our trip, but i never shared them 🙂


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  • congrats! moving is so hard and you guys definitely pulled through — you can now do anything as a couple! My boyfriend and I are moving to another place in October, in the same city so it's not a huge change but it's already stressing us out.

  • I love good stories and when people's hard work and dedication pays off! Congrats and all of the best wishes to you two in the future!

  • Thanks for sharing this little insight (: It's so great to hear you both love what you do & love your lives! Must have been about one year since I started reading your blog & I still love it so much. Btw, that outfit is super pretty (:

    Many greetings from Germany,

  • I can't believe it's been a year! I remember your journey and I'm glad it has worked out for you two so far 🙂

  • Happy 1 year and those overalls are beyond adorable 🙂 Hope you stop by the latest!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  • Congrats on your ONE YEAR NEW YORKAVERISARY! Everything happens for a reason and changes sometimes are the best thing that you can do. Love these pictures. I haven't been to South of the Border since i was a kid when I was with my aunt and uncle driving down to Disney.


  • Congratulations on the anniversary of such a big step! I think it's very important to remind ourselves that hard work, dedication and decision pays off 🙂 That welcome sign certainly was the perfect message!