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i hardly ever feel like jeans are “blog-worthy” but HEY, i wear jeans almost every day, so here’s an honest work day outfit. i read this interesting article today talking about how people today miss out on the most important moments in their lives by trying to capture and immortalize them on their cell phones. i felt sad for a second, because i know i do that. how do we live them, but also have memories to look back on all at once?

#problemsin2015, am i righttttt…

Forever 21 peacoat
Pepaloves blouse
Zara jeans
J.Crew shoes


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  • In love with the cat print top! Too cute. 🙂

  • I think I read a similar article and it's definitely hard to find a balance between documentation and just experiencing the moment. And I think it just comes down to unplugging, however hard that sometimes is. Anyway, casual outfits are awesome and jeans are my fail-safe. Your top is lovely and the color goes so well with navy


  • I love jeans and I wear them all the time, so for me, they're SO worth capturing and showing on the blog. 🙂
    Btw, super cute photos!

  • I think the only way is to not take yourself or other important out of the equation. Let's say, you want to record this concert you're going to with your friends. So let the camera roll but still sing along with your friends and not stare at the musician through the camera lens. Or, if you want to snap a shot of your food while on a date with your husband. Don't be too neurotic about it. OR snap the photo while your husband's eating it or vice versa. Just learn to enjoy the moment despite the photo-taking.

    Or, you know, let some moments go by naturally without any lens between you and them.

    Alive as Always

  • I know how you feel, sometimes I wonder about the same thing but I realized that the need to capture all those little moments in your day is actually a really great thing if you know how to, at some point, detach from your phone or camera. I love having all of those fragments of time with me, but also sometimes life's too funny or too hectic to remember to capture anything and I think that finding a balance between thses two things is a key thing :)) Just imagine waking up one day and not having almost any photos of the youth, pictures are everything for me 🙂

    And also, I love your blouse :))

  • love how you styled this!

  • I think we just have to decide which moments are photo worthy and which ones are fun just to live. Some of the best memories I have from college are the ones that didn't get immortalized in my phone. I remember them because they were so fun. When I try to explain to people why they were so magical I'm forced to relive the moment instead of just pulling up a photo.




    Natalie Off Duty

  • Jeans are the piece of clothing I always pick when I don´t know what to wear, I love them, I could´n live without them.
    I love to remember that moments of live that made me happy it doesn´t matter if I have pictures of them or not… I just remember and feel hapiness again.
    Loving your cat print blouse, cute outfit 🙂