360 degree change.

This weekend my 85-year-old grandma told me, “I HATE RED HAIR.” no, she isn’t color blind and yes she did tell me directly to my face, knowing i just dyed my hair red. i’ve always been one to stick with my guns though, and while it is a huge change, it is one i’ve let in with open arms! sometimes it’s good to go out of your way to make a lifestyle/ style change, whether it be something as small as switching out the purse you usually carry or something as large as changing jobs/ states/etc.

to be honest, this year i changed my entire existence, which is why i needed a break from this blog. it was a lot of change at once. i changed jobs, states, houses, hair lengths, hair color, friends, etc. etc. it happened really quickly, and it definitely overwhelmed me. but i am still here! my world isn’t upside down, not even close. and you know what? all my favorite boots (like these) came with me, and they make me feel a little bit more at home 🙂

so here’s to change..we can do it gals! i am going to conquer my world by continuing to make positive changes, even if they are hard.

jacket: J.crew
skirt: UO
blouse: vintage
boots: vintage
scarf: vintage


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  • Anonymous

    Way to go Steffy! That's a lot of changes in such a short time! Hope you feel at home soon 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Steffy! That's a lot of changes in such a short time! Hope you feel at home soon. Sending lots of love your way!

  • That is a lot of change in a short time but change can be very good! You're rocking the red hair. I may be biased but I think it's the best hair color!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  • Looks like you've got a good outlook on life right now then! You go get em girl! 😀

    And oh I agree, my mom and my grandma were both "Eh… I like your natural hair better…" whenever I died my hair auburn. But I loved it, and that's all that matters, eh? 🙂


  • i think your hair looks great 🙂
    and your outfit, as always, is amazing.

  • Change might be overwhelming and "scary" but change is good and it's always a step forward in life.
    I love your new hair colour and I think that it suits you perfectly! 🙂


  • My 85 year old grandmother would totally say the same thing. And probably will. (I'm going to the red side like, next week!) That scarf looks so good with the camel coat. Springy but warm. Nailed it! PS. Change is overwhelming big and small. Sounds like you're taking it like a champ. – xo E


  • such a warm weather for the weather <3


  • So you went back to what you were? More of an 180 change, actually. But you look amazing and I hope you're happy 😀


  • So you went back to what you were? More of an 180 change, actually. But you look amazing and I hope you're happy 😀


  • I love your coat and scarf

  • I understand that you had such a turbulent time. I hope you find your way again and even if it isn't as much 'online' as it was in the past… Offline is also great with great people <3

    xx Michaela

  • i love your hair – you really suit it


  • always best to follow your vibes, especially the positive ones. the red hair is darling on you. cheers to you and all things ahead!


  • My grandma says whatever is on her mind and opinion out loud as well. But I love the red hair on you!


  • Great post! Love the inspiration! xx


  • You can do it! I've loved following this blog over the years! You'll be awesome!

  • You look gorgeous with your red hair! It is a positive change.

  • Seriously though, this outfit is absolutely perfect, you look stunning!

    – Lola / http://www.ixmlola.com

  • I absolutely adore this <3


  • You've had so many changes in the past year you forgot a biggie – you also got married! Happy anniversary for later in the week 🙂
    I'm so glad your blogging break was just a break, you were the first (and for a long time, only) blog I read regularly and I'd miss you, your lovely pictures and thoughtful posts.
    Love the new hair also, I had a similar red a couple of years ago and I'm often tempted to go back to it