I rung in 2014 in vintage and sparkles on a strikingly crisp 27 degree night in Brooklyn at a Deer Tick show. Yes, i was cold but yes, the champagne helped diminish HOW cold i was. it was my first new years in NY since i was 7, so it was a special one to me. at 12:01 stevie nicks came onstage and sang… and i seriously lost my cool. STEVIE NICKS as a SURPRISE. lifes little gifts never cease to astound me.

this year i will redefine my blog. it’s time for something new. i am still figuring out what that “new” is… but it will be less standing in the street. sorry guys, my days of standing in clothes are numbered. any suggestions on what you want to see in the future?

F21 dress
vintage coat
vintage hat
F21 shoes


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  • I'd love to see some more creative posts, like DIYs, more open posts like your point of view on something, more lifestyle like living in NYC, etc.
    I've been reading your blog for the past 3 years and am happy for the new "chapter" that's coming.

  • Adorable look! sounds like such a fun night! xx

  • This whole outfit is serious adorable!!

  • very cute

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  • This is like the ultimate NYE outfit and you wore it for like the ultimate NYE plans. What a perfect coincidence!


  • Your coat is magnificent! In love with your outfit, it's so sophisticated, yet cute.

  • I think you should go ahead and do what makes you happy and excited, whether that includes blogging about food, diy projects, or fashion in general! But, I think I would also love to see some posts focused around city life, since you are situated in New York. I think it would be helpful for people like me, who are looking to move to the city in the near future.
    I am excited to see what you will come up with for this new chapter for your blog! 🙂
    As for your NYE experience, wow! What an amazing time it must have been!

  • Ugh gorgeous dress and SURPRISE STEVIE NICKS??? AMAZING.


  • your dress is so pretty!

  • Super cute! <3

    The Quirky Queer

  • That hat is PERFECT! You look super cute x

  • your whole outfit is so gorgeous, love both the dress and the coat! and it sounds like your new year's was wonderful:-) looking forward to the "new", whatever you decide it to be! xx

  • I'm dreaming about coat like yours !

  • Guh, you look perfect as always.

    Very excited to see what your plans for Steffy Pros and Cons are for 2015 – whatever you do, we will be here cheering you on along the way!

  • love the coat!

  • You look amazing, can't wait to check your blog in 2015 <3

  • Feeling the same way lately about standing in he street in clothes…
    That said, I hope you continue to do SOME outfits because they are my very favorite to see! I wore this dress to my bffs wedding last week too (but only got a crappy mirror shot :/

    Wishing you a beautiful 2015! xo

  • Hey, I like your outfits so much!! And I had a question. Is it possible for you to make an article how you can combine tights with a color. For example an outfit with a white tights and an outfit with a red tights? 😀

    xxxx Annalies

  • Perfect getup amazing post!! Keep updating!!

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  • Aw I love your cute outfits and standing in the street styles!! I guess I would love to see more life style posts. More home decor since you have such fun style, and more content. Also please feel free to reach out to me with anything you need! I love helping my friends and fellow bloggers redefine and rebrand! xx Larisa

  • Anonymous

    I'd really like to here more about your life working in marketing and tech. I know you've just made the jump but as another lady who's working in creative marketing I'd love to know more about your journey, self-development and how you want to further your career and balance home life with your husband.