on insecurity.

flannel shirt, fall outfit inspiration, knee high socks, long beach ny, nyc vintage blogger

long beach new york blogger, park avenue

flannel shirt, fall outfit inspiration, knee high socks, long beach ny, nyc vintage blogger
flannel shirt, fall outfit inspiration, knee high socks, long beach ny, nyc vintage blogger

long beach new york, sunsetflannel shirt, fall outfit inspiration, knee high socks, long beach ny, nyc vintage blogger
flannel shirt, fall outfit inspiration, knee high socks, long beach ny, nyc vintage blogger

here’s the thing about blogging– it takes any self criticism that we all have from the voice in our head, and it triples it. i like myself, i really do (i think i am sort of funny, and the right amount of weird) but that definitely does not mean that i don’t harbor a great deal of insecurity. and lately the blog just does not help!

i guess it’s an entire mixture of things, the main one being that looking at pictures of models/ stick thin 6 foot tall women in clothing that fits seemingly perfect can take it’s toll. standing in front of that camera is not always fun. editing these pictures makes me nitpick myself to pieces, and lately i’ve literally just wanted to throw on this oversize plaid shirt and call it a day. maybe it’s because of the extra few pounds that seems typical from the first few months of being married, or maybe it’s self doubt, but doing this thing we call blogging is not always easy for me. i keep doing it because i love clothes, but here’s an honest, oversized outfit that has been pretty typical lately. hopefully i can learn to love myself more and move on from this lazy tomboy phase that has struck me.

tee/ flannel: F21
shoes/hat: vintage
skirt: romwe


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  • We all self-criticise, especially as bloggers. I envy your legs and your super cool casual chic style, and you probably envy other girls for their even longer legs. I have been watching my body even closer lately as I'm getting married in five weeks – it's very stressful!

    At the end of the day, I want to remind you that you are beautiful. And cool. And stylish.

  • I hope one day we are all able to realize that as long as we are healthy it does not matter what are bodies look like. We are also different, we should stop wanting to look like someone else and be happy in our own skin. I, like you and every other women in the world have issues with my body but day by day I am learning to love the way I am, so don't over think your pictures, don't edit, be yourself and enjoy it.

  • That just so sad to read… 🙁 This is not the way you should be feeling because you're one of the few bloggers that I can relate to exactly because you look normal, beautiful, sweet, pretty… You have special beauty inside and outside and I have always been inspired with your blog. I have always find you looking a little bit too skinny before but now you look better than ever, so beautiful and also your style has never been better.
    I don't know why you feel so down or low when me, somebody who's been following your blog for years think that you've reached a whole new, higher level as person and as blogger.

    After all, blog world doesn't matter… It matters which kind of people we are and which kind of people surround us. You have husband that loves you, family and friends that love you not because of some proportions and clothes but because of your heart, your smile, kindness, you name it.

    To finalise this… Since when did blogging turned into modelling business and need to have model proportions???

  • Love your layering here, and that plaid is perfect. Despite your insecurities, I think you look great in this lazy tomboy outfit. <3 Chin up; hope you feel better. (It can be hard sometimes, but I think you can do it!)

    xo, Kenzie
    easy, lucky, free

  • The main reason I read personal style blogs (as opposed to high fashion blogs) is because I'm able to relate to girls who have average body types like me who show that you don't have to look a certain way to be stylish 🙂

    And I actually really love this outfit! Hope you feel better! xo

    Rachel Lately

  • You're beautiful! But even still, blogging can be rough. It's so easy to start comparing yourself to everyone. I've found that when I'm feeling extra insecure, it helps to take a break from looking at those stick thin models or people who you compare yourself to. Things will get better! xo

  • You look stunning! I know it's hard sometimes and you're definitely not the only one! I hope you feel better soon!
    Verally, my personal fashion blog

  • You are perfect the way you are and I put on 10 pounds when I got married:) Embrace it.

  • You look absolutely gorgeous, as does your outfit, and you always do. You're very brave for always putting yourself out there by blogging. It's a great thing that you like yourself, so hopefully you don't lose that 🙂

  • You ARE great! Never doubt that.


  • Great look! Love your hat! 🙂

  • Maybe you should take some time off blogging. Set aside just a week or a few days to pamper yourself and hang out with people in real life and just return to your roots and remember the real reason why you love to blog in the first place. I think we all go through these phases and every once in a while we just have to take it easy and do what's best for us. I hope you feel better, regardless of what you decide to do. Nothing is more important than your own happiness (:

  • We all have insecurities, thats just life! The best thing about blogging is that you don't have to be a model and you can still prove that you look damn good in the things you wear. I'll never be tall enough or pretty enough to be a model but thats okay, I don't want my best talent in life to be my looks. I don't think any of us have ever thought that we want to be remember for our looks. At the end of day, beauty fades and what will be left is the mark you made on this world. There are so many people that follow your blog and look up to you and would be devastated to see you quit blogging because of insecurities. As your readers, I can guarantee that none of us look at your pictures and see any of those insecurities that might be obvious to you. We see outfits that inspire us to play with our wardrobes or go vintage shopping and we love to read about your beautiful wedding or your adorable dog!

    Feel better 🙂

  • I am super insecure about blogging so I know how you feel. But I never would have guessed this was a "lazy" outfit. I think you always look very chic and put together 🙂

  • Keep doing what you are doing Steffy! You are beautiful and I love that you're a real person and not a stick thin 6ft. model. You have amazing style and personality and that's why we read your blog.

  • This outfit isn't oversized! It's perfect on you, and definitely an outfit I'd like to have. It is easy to worry and nitpick, but we all do it, and I think all your readers are in agreement that you have nothing to worry about!

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  • I actually think that you look so pretty, both inside and outside. It's sad that someone as sweet as you think that you are not good enough but I understand that we all have our own insecurities. But I jut want you know that you look perfect and I love the outfit anyways! <3


  • I totally understand what you feel. I'm happy I'm not the only one on the world who has those problems. Well, it took me few days till I remade the photos cus I couldn't look at myself & taking photos don't always bring fun, it's right, but at the end, but it's worth blogging, I guess. And all those positive comments. People don't see the little details we don't like on the photos so that's alrigt. You wrote you put on weight? Where the hell ;)? You are still super skinny & I like it + you look stunning, just as always. You perfectly match clothes.

  • Oh man, I have been having what I can only assume to be the EXACT same feelings. Maybe it comes with moving? You're suddenly thrust into a new environment and thrown out of your normal routine. Whatever it is, we all go through times of feeling less than stellar and I hope you start to feel more positive about yourself soon. XO