cinnamon sugar ✄

here’s a hatless, no nonsense post of my new hair! most people don’t notice until they see it in the light, but it is RED. i got it done at van michael salon, for any of you miami gals who need a good place to go!

i wore this getup to work 🙂 as i get older i am really falling for trouser pants. they are cute and slouchy with flats and easily dressed up with a pump, and i love the endless options! now that i have to dress for a different hair color i find myself drawn to deep purples and creme colors. any redhead color suggestions for me? 🙂 i am off on monday and relaxin’ because i have been working the weekends, but i hope you all have a good start to the week!

blouse: tea and tulips
trousers: h & m
necklace: F21
bag: c/o modcloth
shoes: ebay


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  • Kat

    Girl, you look FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! I've always wanted to go red, but after trying a few wigs, I realized that it's just not meant to be. (Also: long time no comment on my part! I stopped blogging about fashion quite a while ago. Just wasn't my thing after all.)

  • Your hair looks great! Of course I'm a fan of red for hair color. Your shoes are adorable! Love the whole look as always.


  • cute shoes! 🙂Irene Wibowo

  • Love this color on you, so pretty. Also those shoes are to die for!


  • loving your hair….very classy. the color really suits you. and, i'm totally loving those shoes. i've seen similar ones all over and i'm just itching to get my hands on a pair.

  • Your hair looks great! You look like a natural red head!

    xo Jennifer

  • holy good lord.
    killin' the red hair. been debating dying mine for months, and I think you just pushed me over the line.

    red lipstick is on point, as usual. just saw your teen vogue feature, too. So jealous of your jewelry displays and all of your cute flats!

    stop being so cool,


  • I have the exact same kitty flats! And your hair looks absolutely beautiful. x

  • Love the new hair and cute purse.


  • Lovely as always! Love the necklace btw <3

  • I love those pants and the fit! And show your hair more often, love it!


  • You have the most amazing hair! I love your shoes and the whole outfit, as well. I think I'm gonna have to splurge on a pair of those kitty flats now. <3

    xo Jenna

  • Your hair looks amazing Steffy! Also, your outfit is as cute as usual!

  • Steffy, you look absolutely stunning!
    Even though the red isn't that noticeable at first, it really is such a lovely vivid shade on you. The warmth compliments your skin tone really well and looks so perfect with your darling outfit!
    There's such a nice soft romantic feel about this entire outfit, even with the pants. The soft creme color paired with the deep purple is super cute and your bright bag and adorable shoes add just the right touches.

    Have a wonderful week girl! <3


  • Oh wow!! You look stunning with this new hair color!

  • aaah I love trousers! they never end up fitting me well…

    yours look amazing and I love their color, and your pretty new hair 🙂

  • Those shoes are so cute! I want them!

  • I love your new hair color! It's so rich and I think it looks perfect on you. It's always fun trying new hair colors. And sometimes you keep them forever! I'm a hair stylist and I used to highlight my sister's hair with a lot of blonde. And then one day she said she wanted a burgundy red and I colored it and she has been like that now for 5 years! And the best part is everyone thinks her hair is naturally that color! <3


  • Your hair is beautiful and the colour of your shirt looks perfect with it. Personally my favourite colour with red hair is green… Also LOVE the shoes!

  • What a beautiful hair color! Must be really pretty in autumn too

  • Such a gorgeous shade of red – looks lovely on you!


  • Love the hair, it really suits you. Great outfit too, love how your lips match your bag.

  • Your hair looks great! Nice warm color and really natural!

  • i loooove your haircolour!!

  • Your hair is so pretty and it really suits you!
    Love your outfit


  • Hi! Little hair-related question, but as a fellow bangs/fringer-wearer, how do you get yours to curve like that, across your forehead? Do you use any product or tools? Mine never seem to want to cooperate, so I've got a major case of bang envy!

    <3, caitlin

  • Gah! I love your new hair color. It compliments you really well. That bag is amazing too.

    Indie Punk Goddess

  • Sue

    Love this look!
    You look so sophisticated still looking young and fresh and that hair looks amazing!xx

  • Love your style!! Your shoes are so cute x

  • I adore this outfit! You look so nice with these colors!

  • Your hair color looks so pretty in these pics.
    Method Clothe

  • The hair color is gorgeous.

    I really like this entire post actually. It has a more…its not quite an office look, but you know what I mean…than a lot of your other looks, but stil very you and very lovely. Its rather a polished yet laid-back look.

  • LOVE your hair… wow! gives you a little bad gal vibe 🙂 hehe

    Lady à la Mode

  • beautiful, love the new red hair


  • Love the hair! Good choice 🙂

  • Love the shoes & bag!!

  • Pretty hair!! My sister has red hair and I find that olive green and mustard look SUPER good on her 🙂
    Purple is also quite gorgeous!

  • Aw your hair looks great and this outfit is wonderful! I love the red bag paired with your pink blouse. Such a cute little bow necklace too. These trousers are great too. I need to find a pair like these!