my day of birth ❤

it’s true, today i turn 25. i have to admit something… this is the first birthday that i dreaded. i’m not going to lie, a few tears were even shed. i am not one of those people who thinks “wow i am SO old,” because i am not. my “sort of sadness” stems from my own romanticized version of life  where things just stay the same. i know it is a happy and refreshing thing to watch my friends and family grow and progress (and watch myself grow too), but it also pains me. i know that i am going to watch my brothers get old and get married and have kids, and i know that i will watch my parents become senior citizens (hehe, sorry mom & dad) and i will watch matt grow grey hairs– and these things are natural. but sometimes i just miss the past, or i love the present so much that i want to freeze it forever.

but alas, here i am at a quarter of a century and the last thing i can really do is complain one bit. life has been really truly great to me and i am so blessed. i hope the next 25 years are as good as the first 25 were 🙂

i wore this dress in marthas vineyard and it is one of the hardest to part with. i saved it for a few months before putting it up for sale today. i hope the next owner really loves it! i will make sure to post my birthday outfit later this week. have a lovely july 13th, and make sure to eat a cupcake to help celebrate ❤ here is my birthday post from last year!

p.s. i added tons of cute things to my store. take 15% off with the code “steffysbday” til’ tonight at midnight!

dress: for sale in my store
shoes: vintage
bag: vintage
hat: urban


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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wishing you all the best 🙂 I'm going to turn 25 in 3 months and I feel/ think exactly like you've just described in this post.
    But, you're just starting to rock out now 🙂

  • HB cutie!!! Joyeux anniversaire, as we use to say in France 😉
    I love your dress!

  • Happy 25th, Steffy! Cute dress. x

  • Happy B-Day Steffy, have a great one!
    You look so lovely on these pictures!

  • Amy

    Happy happy birthday lovely! xx

  • Happy Birthday girlie! I hope today is wonderful 🙂


  • Have a lovely birthday!
    I completely understand where you're coming from, I feel the same on my birthdays I think there is something sad about them tbh.
    Love the hat 🙂

  • Happy B-day girl! Enjoy your day and I think your floral dress is gorgeous!

  • Happy Birthday!! You look beautiful in that dress.

  • Happy Birthday!! You look adorable! I'm turning 25 on the 20th, and I totally get what your saying..I feel the same way!

  • Trop jolie, et bon anniversaire 😀

  • Happy Birthday!! I hope it's amazing!!!

  • happy birthday =) Hope to see u in school again soon! currently in class hating my life right now -__-


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I actually totally understand. As we get older I think we start to understand more and more about the circle of life and how when we age everyone around us ages too. When we were younger we looked forward to birthdays for the party, cake, and bday presents. I think as we get older we are more aware of well life. I have often been thinking about how my parents are getting older and how I don't want them to and I don't want to get old either (lol). But such is life. So all we can do now is just enjoy our time with the people we love and have fun on our Bdays. Regret nothing!

  • Aw Steffy! You look absolutely adorable in this dress. I can't believe you are selling it! Also, I love your hat, and happy birthday! Don't think too much about age, you're still young, girl! 🙂

  • That dress is adorable! Happy birthday, quarter-of-a-century gal 🙂
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  • happy birthday my little cupcake!!! I defs. know what you mean about trying to hold on to the present. The future can be so scary especially since you never know how it all will turn out– but that's also the fun in it, right?! I hope your able to forget about all of it today and enjoy yourself (don't work too hard!!!)! I'm happy I have an excuse to eat some cupcakes today, too! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!


  • hope you had a very happy birthday! pretty dress, may think about buying it! xxx

  • Happy Birthday!
    Such a beautiful dress, love these photos…
    xo Cara

  • Happy Birthday, pretty girl! I can totally relate to your sadness… Each year I can feel stronger that each day is unique and I will never re-live it again. is life. 🙂

  • Happy birthday, love!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  • Happy Birthday, Steffy! I can very much relate to what you are saying in this post. But I can tell you without a doubt there is MUCH to look forward to in your 30s!

  • Aw, happy birthday, Steffy! You look SO beautiful! Eeep, I'm getting close to celebrating my birthday… just a week away! And I too am getting nervous for this one – I'm so with you if I could just freeze the present moment. Ah, that would be perfect!! Sending big smooches! V

  • A very happy birthday to you Steffy! Thanks so much for always returning the love of a comment back on my page. Your attitude about growing older is spot on and I think everyone has those feelings. I know I do/did and I turned 30 this year!!!! Whoa! But each year we are more blessed than the year before by being able to simply celebrate another birthday. Not everyone is so fortunate to do so. Enjoy your day sweetie!

  • I just celebrated my 25th to (the 11th) 🙂 It is the first birthday where I feel like I am really getting older haha

    Love this dress so much! The whole outfit is lovely.

  • i had the same meltdown when i turned 23- it was just too far away from 20 for my liking. so im right there with you on wishing i can freeze this year and just sit in it. but happy birthday, tears or not!

    and i really have to buy that hat, i've seen it on so many blogs and i die a little each time i see it

  • Happy Birthday my dear! Have a great day 🙂 I wish you all the best*

  • Dear Steffy,
    You are the best, I hope you have the happiest of birthdays! This dress is gorgeous I can totally see why you don't want to part with it! I think that's how sometimes you can know you run a great shop though, when you have items in it like this that you yourself would love to keep! I have definitely had dresses like that that are SO hard to part with!

    Also wanted to let you know I am doing my very first giveaway for a $40 giftcard to my vintage shop! You should totally enter today because you have special birthday luck!

    Hope you are having the most perfect of day! xo Hannah

  • happy birthday!!!! and i feel the same way about turning 25 this year..if i find a way to freeze time too ill let you know! 😉

  • Sue

    Happy Bday sweety! You look adorable in that dress. I'm in love with that floral print and paired with that bag looks Perfect!! May God continue to bless your journey in this life!

  • Happy Birthday! I hope you have the greatest day. I turned 25 this year as well and am definitely feeling 'old'. I got married, am starting a new career venture and am planning my future for a house and kids :s now that is seriously scary!

  • Lovely dress, perfect for summer!
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  • Happy birthday girl! You look wonderful, supercute dress!

  • Happy Birthday sweet girl! Life only gets better…no tears! 🙂

  • Oh darling, happy birthday! You look super beautiful in that floral dress!


  • Happy Birthday to you! :)♥

  • awh happy birthday

    xx [ aphrodite blue ]

  • happy birthday dear..hope you have a great one!

  • Happy birthday dear!
    You look absolutely gorgeous!
    Lovin' your looks so following you for sure (;


  • Happy Birthday, Steffy!!! I hope it's the best ever!


  • Oh yes, birthdays are a bit intimidating eh! I am like you – always missing the past, though I love what the future brings! I hope you have the best day Steffy, and that Matty spoils you rotten! <3 <3 <3

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  • i see why you are so attached to that dress it's totally darling on you! and i love your pics with matt you two are so precious!

    xo kaitlin

  • A big happy birthday !! Love your looks 🙂

    Des bisous !

  • Ana

    This outfit is so pretty! Sometimes I get tired of florals (they're everywhere! :P) but you really bring new life to this dress!

    Also, the happiest of birthdays to you! Wishing you a 25th year that's even better than all the ones before. 🙂 Also, I really love your philosophy on growing and progressing and it being happy and refreshing, and I have to admit that I never thought of it quite this way – but I will from now on! 🙂

    Wishing you a fun and relaxing week-end!

  • sweet…i feel exactly the same emotions as you especially about little bros and mom and dad.
    This is one of my fave outfits of yours yet.
    My fave pic of you kissing matt also.
    Happy birthday to another year beautiful and fabulous steph!

  • Happy Birthday, that's an adorable dress!

  • happy 25th birthday stylishly smiley sweet stefanie! i hope your day & life, continue to be spectacular. i'm sure they will be. i think you've accomplished a lot. 🙂

  • Happy birthday lovely lady! Growing old is bittersweet, and I hope your next 25 are as joyous as the first as well. I got all of my vintage goodies today, and I love all of them so much. 🙂 Thank you Stef! <3


  • happy birthday!
    wishes you tons of happiness in your new chapter 😉

    looking lovely there!

  • Happy birhtday to you. I feel the same about my birhtday but life goes on 😀


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You look fabulous! 🙂

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  • My favorite blogger, Steffy <3 Happy Birthday, sweetheart!!! Be happy, we all love you !


  • Happy Birthday dear! I hope you had a wonderful day 😀 I always get a bit sentimental when it comes to my birthday, a bit melancholic too.. but I guess that is normal.

  • Happy Birthday! Age is but a number, what counts is how you feel. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday. 25 (and 26) ended up being fantastic years personally, so hopefully that will be true for you too.

    PS love the dress and your time with Matt looks lovely.

  • Awwww girl 25 is the new 20! And cute dress!

  • Lovely photos :D!
    you look great n.n


  • So cute!! Beautiful photos! 🙂

  • beautiful dress and happy birthday!

  • Happy belated!

    xo Jennifer