Hudson’s 8 Month Update!

I know a lot of parents say they love these months with their baby, but I found month 7 to be extremely trying. Hudson is in the midst of teething and dealing with separation anxiety, and it has felt like I can’t get in a breath some days. Last month he was very relaxed, and all of a sudden he is super needy again, like he was as a newborn. Some days I just need a second to regroup, and to remind myself that this too will pass, and I hug him hard and wish I could take his tooth pain away ๐Ÿ™


BABY UPDATE:ย Like I mentioned above, Hudson is teething pretty crazy lately. He has no teeth yet, but I think some are on their way out soon (or I hope!) because he has been in a grumpy phase where he whines for no reason, and I just assume its teething pain. I feel bad for him, it stinks. He also has had crazy separation anxiety since the beginning of this month. He won’t let anyone except Matt hold him, and if I walk out of the room it is meltdown status. It seems like it’s getting a little bit better in the past few days, but for a week or so he was intense!


He is not crawling yet, but has started to stand much stronger and seems close to figuring out crawling. He is SO chatty and babbles mamamaa, dadada, bababa, rarara, gagaga and aaaah all day long. He understands “clap clap” and claps if you say it, and he has started copying me which is UNREAL. It’s by far the cutest thing ever. He copies fake coughs, screaming, lip pursing and razzing and he is on the cusp of waving (I can’t tell if he has waved, or if he didn’t mean to!) He loves food so much, and opens so wide it’s hilarious. He grunts if I don’t feed him quick enough, and he eats literally everything except beets. We just started on finger foods, which he is a pro at, and he loves egg yolks, pieces of turkey ย or chicken, puffs, strawberries and pretty much anything I put on his tray. He gets so amped on finger food some days that he shoves everything in his mouth at once and gives me mini heart attacks. He is wearing 12 month old clothes and weighs over 20 lbs, which is pretty unreal! He has been so snuggly this past week, it melts my heart. We just hug before bed and I rock him, it is my favorite.

MAMA UPDATE:ย I feel like my mama struggles are now pretty consistent month to month – Just finding a balance to everything and trying to fit it all in while putting Hudson first. It’s really really hard, and most days it feels like I have way too much on my mind, but traveling this month was a nice break to our routine, and it forced me to slow down and focus on Hudson. This month I’ve also been bitten by the comparison bug a bit too, because Hudson is still not crawling and while I know it’s normal and he is FINE, it’s hard to not get worried about your kid. I want him to succeed and I want to be the most pro-active I can be, and some days I wonder if I am being the best mom I can be (even though I know I try my best, so it’s crazy). I am sure it’s a way parents feel for the rest of their lives. There’s no rule book.

I shared most of my mom faves from the month in our traveling with a 7 month old post, and the only purchase I have made since is the Joovy Walker and this pop-up beach tent. The walker has worked wonders in helping Hudson to practice standing up, and he loves playing with his toys on the tray. I absolutely love this beach tent for him to nap in during beach days and provide shade. It opens and closes so easily, and weighs practically nothing. I’ve linked both below!



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  • Nelly McDonut

    You should download the Wonder Weeks app or read the book. It really helps you understand why your baby may be fussier at certain times!

    • Yess I have that app and it is so helpful! He is definitely making a leap now as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bia Salvador

    Steffy, it’s amazing how Ben and Hudson are really similar on those milestones you wrote aboutn not to say IDENTICAL! And girl I feel ya when you talk about comparison bug bite ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’m there too!!! LOVE You guys!! Beautiful family and amazing blog!!!! Xoxo Bianca