Hudson’s 7 Month Update + Unpublished Photos

I know I say this every month, but this month was my favorite month with my baby! He’s turning into such a little person, and he’s sharp as a tack. I also was able to spend every day with him this month since leaving my job, which is incredible. I will never ever forget this time with him. Thank you all so much for pushing me to make the decision, and sending me all of your inspiring stories.


BABY UPDATE: I feel like Hudson’s changes this month are very subtle. He sits up much stronger than he used to, he is almost crawling (he can pivot himself in a circle, but can’t move up or back), he JUST learned to clap and he’s chattering up a storm with his gagaga, bababa, dadada and momamama. He is such a food lover, and he now eats puffs, chicken, turkey and pretty much anything I put in front of him, expect prunes which make him cry (although he will keep eating them lol). My parents keep saying he has my exact personality as a baby, he’s very very clingy to me, but he is also very calm and focused. He is not a squirmy baby at all, he can sit and play with his toys calmly for hours. It’s incredible to see how engaged he becomes in small things – I’m not sure if he’s lazy or just a deep thinker 😉 His little squish cheeks kill me, he is so dang cute and he’s so sweet too. His voice is like deep and raspy for a baby, but SO sweet. He is ticklish on his thighs and it’s so cute seeing him giggle.


MAMA UPDATE: This month it seems like I’ve let my self-care slip a bit. I stopped working out as often, and I really hope to make it more of a priority next month to take that time for myself. While working for myself from home is extremely gratifying, it is also really difficult some days. I hired an assistant this month to help with blog campaigns two days a week which has been a huge help (and a relief to Matt who was shooting everything for years by himself!) but I still basically work around the clock. I try to get everything done in times when Hudson is asleep, so I answer e-mails, edit pictures and schedule posts when he is napping or asleep at night. That means many many late nights for me! It’s totally worth it though, and it is incredible to be able to work on my own schedule and prioritize what is most important to me each day. Some days Hudson has swim, we go to the park, we go for walks and we focus on Hudson all day. Other days I have 4 campaigns to shoot and he comes along for the ride! It all just depends, and every day is different!


Here’s some of my favorite products from the month:

  1. Teepee Tent: I added this to Hudson’s play corner, and it’s so fun sitting in it and playing with him! Plus it’s adorale too.
  2. Summer Infant 3DLite Stroller: We bought this stroller once Hudson was sitting up, and it’s so great for traveling light, and using the subways. I love that it reclines all the way back, and also folds all the way up. It weighs close to nothing, and makes it much easier for me to go into the city with Hudson!
  3. Surf Suit: Hudson has been taking swim lessons, and this is great to shield his body from the shock of the cold water when we get in the pool!
  4. Eric Carle Sounds Book: We read this book every day, my mom got it for Hudson. He loves the animal sounds!