Condo Woes: Why We Still Dream of a Home

I live in a condo. I also work, cook, parent, clean and take care of the laundry in said condo. My apartment is probably maximum 1100 square feet, which in NY standards is HUGE, and I love the cozy feeling of it. But, some days it does feel like we’re bursting at the seams. I am sure all of you out there who live without a garage or any storage space can understand.

The perks of condo life include:

  • Gym in the building
  • No grass to mow! Yasssss.
  • Neighbors are close, which makes me feel safe
  • I have a balcony!

The biggest negative, which we knew we were getting ourselves into is the lack of a washer and dryer in our apartment. This probably didn’t matter to us much when we bought, as Hudson wasn’t even a thought, but now it’s a huge deal to me! I spend so much per week on laundry, and I constantly forget that my clothes are still drying (which probably doesn’t make my neighbors too happy). #mombrain. It’s totally annoying to have to carry the giant laundry bin down the hall to the machines. Also, as you can see, Claude makes it pretty difficult to get anything done around here when we have to fold clothing in our bed. So yes, when I dream of a house I also dream of a LAUNDRY ROOM.

But guys, my longing for a laundry room/ house just became even more intense. I just discovered the new Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry, and the envy is real. The FlexWash can wash two loads at once (like darks + lights, normal + delicate) and the FlexDry can dry the delicate items separately, and can also dry two loads at once! I’m dreaming of how easy it would be to wash our laundry and Hudson’s all at the same time. You can also receive alerts on your phone when the laundry is done, which I desperately need.

While condo living is minimalist living and it forces us to have less things, there’s some aspects that take up more time, like laundry. Someday we’ll have a home and a FlexWash + FlexDry to save us time and of course money too!

Here’s a mood board of my dream laundry room: 

*This post was sponsored by Samsung. All opinions are my own.