7 Tips To Prepare for a Roadtrip + A VIDEO!

As you guys who have followed along for a while may know, we’re huge roadtrippers. Since Matt and I met, we’ve been on more roadtrips than we can remember (here’s one of my faves!) I’m excited to share 7 tips to prepare for a roadtrip that we swear by!

1. Stay organized – We make sure everything we’re bringing with is stored in an organized fashion, so depending on which kind of roadtrip we’re taking, we can just grab what we need and go. We have a “camping bin” with blankets, sleeping bags, cooking gear and flashlights for camping trips VS a “beach bin” that has a beach blanket, towels, sunscreen and Hudson’s beach toys. It’s important to keep everything organized when you’re living basically out of your car for a few days, so we always leave these bins pristine!

2. Prepare your car!

This one is sooo important. Without a healthy car, you’re not going to make it far! Here’s a few things we check before heading on the road:

  • Make sure your tire pressure is at a good level
  • Check all of your fluid levels – We always add Prestone Windshield Washer Fluid to make sure we can keep our windshield clean while we’re on the road! The Bug Wash makes it so much easier to clean the windshield after a long journey, and the water repellent allows rain drops to bead off your window!
  • Check your oil
  • Follow your cars scheduled maintenance + checkout your car before you go on a long roadtrip (1000 mi + or so!)
  • Make sure you have emergency supplies like jumper cables, a first-aid kit and a spare tire


3. Know your route, but expect to also be flexible – It’s always a good idea to know if you’re going somewhere remote that is off-the-grid so you can prepare for having no cell phone service. If this is the case, make sure to download the maps you may need, or have a paper map handy. That being said, sometimes it’s fun to not plan too much, and to stop at a random fruit stand that looks like it has fresh watermelon you just can’t miss, or to just stop and enjoy the view. Roadtripping is about soaking in the freedom of being out in the world, so while it’s good to be smart, also enjoy the experience! We never pass on a good diner.

4. Get a playlist ready – This one is huge. We always switch off on who picks music or podcasts, and if we don’t plan ahead for this, we end up spending loads of time just trying to find “something to listen to.” Now we know better- we research podcasts beforehand, or find new music in Spotify to listen to.

5. Pack snacks! Matt is the snack packing pro, because he gets really antsy if he doesn’t eat when hungry. We always make sandwiches for the ride, and bring along bananas, Kind bars and most important of all – water!! We always need water to make bottles for Hudson, plus we get really thirsty after hours in the car.

6. Bring cash for tolls!

7. Spare key – I’ve definitely been on a roadtrip where the keys have been locked in the car/ lost. Always have an extra one!


I hope these helped a bit! We’ve spent so much time in our car that it’s like our second home, and we find it’s the most convenient way to stay traveling!

*Thanks to Prestone for sponsoring this post.

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  • Aw, these pictures and the video are too cute! I think it’s always important to be very flexible when traveling–you never know what may happen on your trip!


  • I love the bin idea! Hudson looks so cute sitting in the back there. You have a beautiful family, Steffy!