How Buying A Home Changes You: Parentomorphosis + A VIDEO!

Matt and I bought this apartment almost 2 years ago, and since buying a home we turned from messy tenants into two people who treat home like it’s a prized possession (because let’s be honest, it is!) Growing up, I had clothes all over the place, sand in my bed from the beach and I did my laundry once a month, if that. But, like most of us do, I grew up and realized that living in chaos seeps into the rest of my world, and it feels better to tidy up, donate things every few months and not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. My parents were always very tidy people, so I didn’t doubt that I would eventually be bit by the tidy bug, but there’s one thing that I swore up and down I would never ever do.

For example, I used to HATE my mom’s junk drawer in the kitchen. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why such a clean and organized woman had a drawer overflowing with useless trinkets, and I would actually get physically angry digging through it trying to find things.

I was able to avoid having a junk drawer of my own until one day, digging for Claude’s doggy bags, it hit me. I HAD A JUNK DRAWER TOO. Like – how did this happen?!?! It’s bad guys. We have paper menus (who even uses those anymore, it’s called a website!) a mommy hook, the 3rd pair of scissors in our home that hardly work, a thing that I think is a garlic crusher, and so on and so forth. I guess it’s true what they say, we all do slowly morph into our parents. It’s Parentomorphosis and it’s inevitable.

While I’m still not comfortable with the realization that who I become isn’t entirely in my own control, I am more comfortable knowing that I can be redeemed with Progressive. Check out their tips and tricks for adulting here (from decorating to remodeling to purchasing a home), so your Parentamorphosis transition goes as smooth as possible.


*This post was sponsored by Progressive Home Insurance.



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  • Annabelle Thouveny

    This article was so fun to read ahah 😂 I read your blog for so many years now (at that time you and Matt were not engaged yet!) and never dared to leave a comment here so here we go! I’m glad to “know” you, I just love the way you dress and the way you write, you seem to be a really positive and happy person, and that could be cheesy or annoying but it’s really not! (Ok I’m really bad at compliments ahah sorry) Keep up the good work and take care, good thoughts from France!

  • Dylana

    Amazing story! I can’t wait to eventually make my own home purchase!